NEW Act 2 Battle Pass IS CRAZY! (feat. Riot Devs) – Valorant Rewards Breakdown

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Today we talk about the insane new battle pass that Riot is releasing in Act 2 this episode! This includes new weapon skins for the Operator, Phantom, and Vandal, as well as many other weapons! The playercards are insanely cool and there’s great buddies and sprays as well!

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Battle Pass Facts
1:10 Gun Skins
3:36 Playercards And Gun Buddies
6:32 Question Of The Day
6:53 Quotes From Devs
8:12 Conclusion
8:30 Outro

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44 thoughts on “NEW Act 2 Battle Pass IS CRAZY! (feat. Riot Devs) – Valorant Rewards Breakdown”

  1. Any1 else feel like valorant is trying to get closer to league? They had the sentinels of light event at the same time as the sentinels of light skins. And now, imma be honest, that new blade looks a bit like fioras sword from LoL

  2. Tbh this is the best battle pass yet, the knife has to be my favorite battlepass knife (even more than ruin dagger). The phantom skin and vandal skin looks kind of like oni and prime respectively.


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