NEW ACT 2 LEAKS are making me LOSE MY MIND – NEW MAP and SKINS – Valorant Guide

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28 thoughts on “NEW ACT 2 LEAKS are making me LOSE MY MIND – NEW MAP and SKINS – Valorant Guide”

  1. I do not want grass textures. That's it. Those haven unnecessary flowers, grasses, trees behind the doors with knobs like enormous nipples in T spawn. I do not want those grass textures. My fps will cry😭

  2. MILLS, I MADE A HUGE DISCOVERY. Now, you know how deadeye has a robot eye? and who else has a robot eye? Sova, and his agent battlepass has a title called Deadeye. So i think sova and deadeye are like brothers or are very close, like rivals, so their interactions will be more lore

  3. Valorant released the butterfly knife finally now a new map? Hopefully it won’t be another failure like breeze because so far the butterfly fly making me fall back in love with Valorant


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