New Albedo Tech CHANGES EVEERYTTTHIIING!!! /s – Genshin Impact Guide and Build

This new tech allows you to proc 2 blossoms in 1 second! CLICK TO SHOW MORE!

I’m calling it the Double Blossom technique until/unless someone else highjacks it and calls it something cooler and that ends up picking up.



49 thoughts on “New Albedo Tech CHANGES EVEERYTTTHIIING!!! /s – Genshin Impact Guide and Build”

  1. I already have him but I'm probably most likely gonna be getting C1 at least because I'm pulling hard on his banner for C6 fischl and I don't even have Bennet yet so I need him too.

  2. You have a calm voice, and really amazing videos, I really liked the Zhongli one where you expressed your concerns about his constellations and what it meant for the future characters.I normally really loathe the whale youtuber community, but you really are special keep it up

  3. so that i understand it correctly – u do 13k crits with a 3star weapon and easy to archive artifacts …every 2 sec? and if u switxch to albedo u can proc an extra 13k crit every 4 sec with the use of E? also is the 13k crit blossom only when he is on the field or just always when it proccs?

  4. After seeing his artifacts.. yeah.. im not gonna waste all of my resin to go that godroll artifacts.. im content with my 70% CC and 130% CD, and his is 160%CD and thats not even using a CD crown ._.

  5. So let me see if I’m understanding: when you place another blossom down, the 2 second cooldown isn’t applied to the newly placed blossom, meaning you can proc the first one, place the 2nd, quickly proc it, rinse and repeat?

    Almost wonder if he could be used as a main dps like this so you don’t have to annoyingly switch every 4 seconds

  6. I know Defenders Will is only a 4 star but would having that in his Flower and Feather slot add any more damage with that extra 30% Def with full Defense on all the other pieces?


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