NEW Among Us EVIL DRAGON ROLE?! (Toxic Mod)

Today @Zud is joined along with SSundee, Henwy, Sigils and Biffle to play with the NEW EVIL DRAGONS ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this funny mod, and make sure to watch all of the rounds to see how I play in this HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON MOD!

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36 thoughts on “NEW Among Us EVIL DRAGON ROLE?! (Toxic Mod)”

  1. – Idea for a mod: Plz make a mod called the miner mod.

    – Plz read and create this mod I am tired of posting this on all of your new videos

    -Also plz like my comment so this comment can be seen and maybe be made

    – The imposter can turn into the miner called transform.

    – The miner can put coal on himself to go invisible called go invisible.

    – The miner can send angry miners after someone called miners rage.

    – The miner can make it rain coal making a random person not including the imposter turn into coal called coal transform.

    – The miner start a mini game where you have to mine coal, iron, gold, diamonds emeralds, and amethyst, coal = 1 points, iron = 5 points, gold = 10 points, diamonds = 25 points, emeralds = 50 points and amethyst gives you 75 points and there is 25 cole, 15 iron, 10 gold, 5 diamonds and 3 emeralds and whoever has the least amount of points dies in coal, iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds and amethyst called the mine.

    – The miner can make a wall of coal that can be broken with a pick axe that will respawn on the map every minute and when someone picks it up it respawns if you don’t have a pick axe you can wait a minute for it to disappear called coal wall.

    – And for each move needs points and to get points you need to mine in a diamond mine and there are 3 diamond mines and they spawn randomly on the map and for every second you mine in the diamond mine you get 5 points and the max points is 100, Cole wall takes 1 point, invisible takes 25 points, miner’s rage takes 24 points, the mine takes 50 points and finally mine takes 0 points since you need to use mine to mine in the diamond mine and don’t forget to turn the map into a mine.

    ( PS This took a long time to make and I had to right this again since I sed the same thing on your last video and I copied it and tried to paste it it didn’t paste so I had to take a picture on another device and look at it so I could remember what to type so plz make the mod for my suffering and I will like subscribe and turn on the notification bell on you and your friends. )

  2. I would like to suggest a mod of Sans from Undertale as an Impostor Role
    – he can take shortcuts (teleport)
    – he can kill from across the map by throwing bones
    – he can make everyone take a break (sleep) or he can make everyone laugh by telling puns
    – he can mess with people’s controls with blue magic
    – he has a 50/50 chance of killing someone by “judging” them
    – he can choose a person to surround in blue bones so they can’t move
    – he can disintegrate people with Gaster blasters
    – he has a minigame where you have to dodge bone projectile patterns (dodge white bones, don’t move with cyan ones). First person in the minigame to get hit 3 times dies.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  3. I suggest an Eevee Mod:
    – Eevee: speed boost
    Vaporeon: pushes people across the map with a wave/drowns people with a wave
    – Jolteon: can shoot someone with a lightning bolt to stun/kill from across the map
    – Flareon: leaves heat traps that make it so you get teleported to a random spot on the map (to get away from the heat)/burns someone to ashes
    – Espeon: 50/50 chance to auto-complete a task every 60 seconds/mind control
    – Umbreon: makes it dark so one person/everyone can’t see
    – Glaceon: freezes one person/everyone in place
    – Leafeon: leaves vine traps that slow people down
    – Sylveon: 50/50 chance of getting hit with Dazzling Gleam which jacks up controls/kills
    – A “Match the Eeveelution” minigame. Eeveelutions are hidden in a 4 by 4 square. 1 pair of each Eeveelution (2 Jolteons, 2 Umbreons, etc.). First to 3 matches wins, loser dies.
    Everyone can transform into whatever Eeveelution they want, all have abilities, but the Impostor has abilities that kill.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  4. Hi Zud! I really love your mods! I hope you can do this one too! It's a horror mod!
    Mod Idea :
    Bendy And The Ink Machine mod.

    What the Crewmates can do :
    -Each of the crewmates holds a flashlight.
    -Each of the crewmates has a healthbar.
    -Your healthbar decreases when you got caught by the ink hand trap or when Bendy (The Impostor) is nearby. The lower you healthbar goes, the darker your screen become.
    -Collect and eat bacon soup in the map to heal yourself.
    -Save those who are gripped by the ink hand trap by looking for an axe. (This weapon would also work against the butcher gang but won't work against Bendy)
    -If your healthbar goes out, your body will slowly melt, and turn you into an ink crewmate, and gets taken away by the searchers and the lost souls.
    -Apart of the map was an Ink Lake, Your Health won't decrease if you're in it, but you can't see Bendy when he's in it too.
    !Make sure to run away when you saw Bendy! His black-inky-aura can be seen whenever he's close.

    Ink Demon Impostor Role :
    -You could turn into the Ink Demon
    -When you're the Ink Demon, your black aura surrounds you wherever you go, and can be seen by people within close range.
    -You could jumpscare people and covers their screen with ink for a few seconds.
    -You can become invisible by diving into ink.
    -Drown them in ink and leaves no bodies. Only a puddle of ink.
    -Send the Butcher Gang to gang up on someone, to death.
    -Trap people with giant ink hand, for 20 seconds before they got drowned.
    -Also, you can set up a minigame which is a bacon soup feeding frenzy. People need to collect bacon soup or tools and items around the map as fast and as much as possible. And for the person that collects least of the mentioned items when the time runs out, Beast Bendy will ran over him.

    Note : This mod can be played in every map

  5. If you guys make this, I will be happy

    Mod Idea: Tech imposter role

    They can put VR goggles on crewmates to mess up their controls

    They can force crewmates to watch a TV that will explode unless someone has a remote to save them

    They can pixelate them or crewmates anywhere around the map

    They can start a mini game where you have to repair a broken controller and the last person to finish gets a chip planted in them that will kill them after 5 seconds

    and there can be computers around the map for the impostor to hack to get points to use their powers


  6. Idea: Majin sonic: Majin sonic goes around the map trying to turn the other crewmates into Majin as well. Majin sonic has many attacks: Phase 1: Fake shield trap, and Majin map. The Majin map spawns crewmates to a strange looking map based around Majin sonic stage that you face him in (In FNF). Majin Sonics appear from behind the pillars trying to attack the crewmate stuck in the Majin sonic stage for 30 seconds.
    Fake shield spawn a fake shield box where Majin sonic is, if one of the crewmates try to jump on it, they lost 15 rings! But there are also REAL shield boxes spread around the map. phase 2: this time Majin sonic is even bigger! And now has new abilities: Majin spawn, and black out. Majin spawn makes the backround turn pitch black, and Majin Sonics start raining down on the crewmates, when Majin sonic summons the Majin Sonics, he laughs before and after. Black makes all of the crewmates blind for 10 seconds. In his third phase he grows to be a TERRIFYING monster! He and his face gets bigger and his eyes glow, and he has more abilities: Force smile, and super speed. Force smile makes a random crewmate have a Majin sonic smile on their face and another crewmate has the pull it off before they become one of Majin Sonics minions! The crewmate need to finish their tasks to unlock sonic. If the crewmates summon sonic. Sonic will spin dash Majin sonic and Majin sonic will vanish, but it doesn’t only take one hit it takes 5 spin dash’s from sonic the take Majin sonic out and vanish him the the void!

  7. ok ok i have an idea now here me out but "harmless" tag so basically there's 8 crew members 1 imposter and 1 "it" so is has to tag some one else the crew members have to do all there tasks also they don't know how is it so they can shoot an icicle to freeze any one (with timer) and the it can use vents so can the imposter the imposter has 3 buttons button 1 is a normal kill button 2 is kill it button 3 is the most powerful button but most risky it starts a minny game so who is ever it at the time gets to choose when the lava trap closes and the imposter opens it but every time the imposter opens the every crew member goes faster up to 3.0 speed past that then they can hit the button anywhere on the map


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