New Apex Controversial Rarity Changes & No More Modes / LTMs Coming Season 12

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New Apex Controversial Rarity Changes & No More Modes / LTMs Coming Season 12

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41 thoughts on “New Apex Controversial Rarity Changes & No More Modes / LTMs Coming Season 12”

  1. i hope that other gamemodes dont get permanent because there are some persons who dont like the gamemode but have to play it for weekly challenge to get the battlepass to level 110

  2. They make good ltms..then take them away to make this game bland and repetitive ..they dont care about keeping players online.only getting money from skin really compete with fortnite and other br.they need to keep the modes ..have a mode permanently that plays all the ltms in rotation would keep the game spicy and feeling new and give people a reason to get disappointing..anyone with a brain would know on sure the devs know this needs to happen..but it doesnt..put all this time to create a mode only to have it curly short and back to the same old garbage..respawn needs to take notes from every other br..and even their own from titanfall..

  3. Devs don't want control to be a permanent game mode so they can use control as recycle game mode every year.Because they had run out of idea to create new ltm.Despite so many players want control to be a permanent game mode,respawn let us down so much

  4. Hello can I have sum coins I’ve been quite down bc my ps4 acc has a heirloom and rare skins(well used two have rare skins) and those coins would make me rlly happy thank you for all of the info 🙂

  5. It will have a negative impact on apex if they don't add control as permanent as they put so much effort and not everyone wanna drop on the map and die to try hards, start again in BR

  6. I just simply don't understand why they don't want to add control as an permament mode. "Because of the failure of arenas" doesn't make really much sense since arena ranked was, well, poorly designed and I feel like ranked control would be much better + easier to balance out

  7. I hope that maybe instead of keeping control as a permanent mode, they should keep 9v9 as a perm mode with rotating game modes. FFA, TDM, and control could all be fun arcade-like modes with the 9v9 game type!


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