New Apex Legends 'Overtime' Official Release Date & Description #shorts

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New Apex Legends ‘Overtime’ Official Release Date & Description #shorts
This new apex legends video covers apex legends overtime a newly announced official limited time comic series releasing in june, this apex legends covers the official description and more, apex legends overtime comic, new apex legends overtime
#ApexLegends #ApexShorts

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30 thoughts on “New Apex Legends 'Overtime' Official Release Date & Description #shorts”

  1. Hey just curious if anyone else has this but when I'm ads on a dummy in the firing range after hitting a bounce pad it counts as hip fire my reticle is on the dummy the whole time and 90% of my bullets are missing I'm on ps4 is this a known bug or is ps4 just not able to ads while on bounce pads anymore?

  2. Man I luv Apex but…. More and more I see them taking art and ideas from other sources. Paradise art in this is exactly like Paradise from Burnout. I cant list everything Ive seen off the dome but there are several. Im surprised they havent gotten in a jam yet. Nonetheless I still luv Apex and this comic idea is dope👌

  3. Mad scientists and brutal assassins? You sure caustic and revenant aren't behind the attack? Or at least theyre being syndicate puppets since they could get behind the idea of fixing the games (caustic gets test subjects, revenant gets to go on killing sprees) and the cover even shows crypto keeping a case away from revenant

  4. Broooo if you couldn't piece it together with the little caustic video in the new chaos theory event he has a thing up talking about doing something extreme with a city. So I think caustic is gonna be one of the causes of the problem and potentially be a villain.


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