*NEW* Dark Future Pack Skins Gameplay(NeuraLynx, CRZ-8 & P33ly) Fortnite

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This video is about New Leaked Dark Future Pack Gameplay Fortnite.
NeuraLynx Skin, CRZ-8 Skin & P33ly Skin
Neural-Scratch Claws Pickaxe & Back Bling
NanaTech Blade Pickaxe & Back Bling
Tech Plate 8 Back Bling
Lucky 8’s Pickaxe

Dark Future Pack Fortnite Gameplay
Fortnite Dark Future Pack Item Shop

Time Stamps:
Item Shop Showcase:
[00:00] Dark Future Pack
[01:02] All Three Skins Gliding
[02:11] NeuraLynx Skin Gameplay With Back Bling
[04:22] CRZ-8 Skin Gameplay With Back Bling
[06:21] P33ly Skin Gameplay With Back Bling
[08:22] All Three Skins Gameplay With Out Back Bling
[10:01] Doing Emotes


Fortnite Dark Future Pack Skins Gameplay
NeuraLynx Skin Gameplay
CRZ-8 Skin Gameplay
P33ly Skin Gameplay

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34 thoughts on “*NEW* Dark Future Pack Skins Gameplay(NeuraLynx, CRZ-8 & P33ly) Fortnite”

  1. Not related to this video just for information:
    Kurama Glider Refund:

    If you purchased the Kurama Glider before Nov 17 at 2PM ET and received it within The Nindo Challenge by completing the Milestone of the Day we will manually grant you 1200VB within 7 days once The Nindo is over.

  2. I like the pack I have the Og lynx now I'm waiting for the new one and I really don't like the pickaxe that peely has be cuz we have one that is simular from chapter 2 season 7
    Edit:sorry for deleting the comment I typed wrong


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