New Event Skins & Bundles Apex Legends 'Holo-Day Bash' Season 7

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Christmas Event Skins & Bundles Apex Legends ‘Holo-Day Bash 2020’ Season 7
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47 thoughts on “New Event Skins & Bundles Apex Legends 'Holo-Day Bash' Season 7”

  1. So what if I do a drawing for a loba skin since I'm an artist and I post it on Twitter and Reddit and maybe a developer will see it and change its design because with no lie that skin is terrible for a girl with a high sense of fashion.

  2. They should really be focusing on doing something about the sbmm since cross play it's gone to shit! So many weak fake clowns who play or players who claim they can play yet dont even know the fucking recoil patterns which is like 98% 🤔🤔

  3. You know Idk if they could do this but, I think it would be cool if the legendary skin had more “WOW” to it. What I mean is that skins look amazing, but I think ashame it’s just a skin. I think it be cool if the legendary skins had different effects to them, like for the Santa skin for caustic instead of like a green mist that represents poison why not a whitish blue and add small snow flakes. Maybe that’s to much but I would buy a lot of skins personally if it changed the effect of the abilities. And the don’t have to be for all the skins, maybe just legendary, events or limited skins. Just my opinion

  4. they need to make more standalone skins outfits, dont put everything into skin bundles, they are becoming, to much, paywalls, microsof transactions game, its nothing how the way fortnite does their itemshop skins, and i loved their system, a favorite skin, old or new is one price, not hidden behind a bundle


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