*NEW* Fortnite's BLUE CUBE Has Secretly CHANGED! (It Moved!)

🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 and map Changes update! In this video we look at the *NEW* Fortnite’s BLUE CUBE Has Secretly CHANGED! (It Moved!) These *NEW* Fortnite’s BLUE CUBE Has Secretly CHANGED! (It Moved!) and see if we can uncover the Season 8 Update Easter eggs and map update changes for season 8 trailer gameplay, easter eggs, trailer for season 8 Chapter 2 in Fortnite!!!

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49 thoughts on “*NEW* Fortnite's BLUE CUBE Has Secretly CHANGED! (It Moved!)”

  1. Idk if this means anything but i kinda thought that torin might have a secret dialogue when her area where she spounds gets corrupted i started boxing her in then i block her pathways she goes around them then she goes past that one truck on the road tord corny crops she goes past it then goes in the pyramid then starts walking kinda fast back then she says what are you doing im busy when she sees me

  2. What if io harvest the blue cube is probolly why its going to destablize and the blue cube is kevin aka blevin is friendly to us is the reason he does not wanna work with the queen cube


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