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44 thoughts on “NEW GAME MODE LEAKED: 'CONQUEST!' MASSIVE SWGOH NEWS!! | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”

  1. They will also increase the bronzium character drop rates in regards of them being unable to change the amount of shards a full character drops

    That's awesome! Also, our boy Doja teased Beskar Mando coming next week 👀

  2. Maybe this is GC 2.0?
    Edit: I just wrote this, posted it and Cubs said the same thing RIGHT after 😂😂😂😂
    I also just got an idea. Theres light side battles, dark side battles and cantina battles. What if they add a new set of battles, campain battles? At launch theres 9 levels, 1 for each movie. They could further on expend later like adding one for each season of the Mandalorian and some clone wars, rebels content

  3. This sounds very much like the "labyrinth" game modes that have started to become popular in many recent hero collectors. Typically they play out sort of like a roguelike. As you progress through a run you go from one node to another, and at certain milestones you get an extra unit or ability to add to your team that only works in that specific game mode on that specific run (the "artifacts" mentioned in the datamine, I assume). Sometimes the milestone for getting a new unit/ability is every few battles, usually organized into floors or something similar (the "sectors"), and sometimes an individual node itself will give you the bonus instead of being a battle. Usually these game modes are meant to stretch your roster and compel you to build up a lot of units, so they tend to have some kind of fatigue system for each unit (the "stamina" here) and usually that amounts to three or four battles per unit (or if they die obviously they'd be unavailable for that reason too). In most games they reset occasionally, so that the bonuses/artifacts you gain for that run are wiped and you start a new run with different artifacts. Basically what I'm saying is that enough of the language can be mapped onto this type of game mode that I think it fits better than being a Dark Dimension thing. Functionally they both give you a new pve mode to work away at every day, but one being something that resets frequently and the other being a permanent major account milestone means we should expect a different (lower) caliber of rewards here if I'm correct.

  4. Seems like a Labryinth type game mode, similar to AFK Arena. You get special artifacts that are only temporary for that run that enhance your team each time you clear a wave point.


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