NEW Horizon ASH Interaction Voicelines in Apex Legends Season 11

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NEW Horizon ASH Interaction Voicelines in Apex Legends Season 11

more interactions will be there when the update officially releases
00:27 Ash Voicelines

horizon voicelines:

I Upload Everything releated to Apex Legends,including Music Packs, also learning to datamine upcoming skins. it will be intersting to see your guys response on those videos too, but for now i hope you enjoy these Voicelines and Music Packs
You can Comment down if i missed any voicelines or, if you want quips for a specific legend you can hit me up on Discord. HYPERMYST#8733

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Frequently asked question:

how do you get all these voicelines:-
I use a extractor to get all of these voicelines, from the game-files.

can i use them for my videos:-
Yes,You can

what editor do i use:-
Adobe Premiere Pro.

do i also upload quest/legends spoilers:-
No, i think the writers really worked hard on the story of apex, dont want to spoil that for anyone.

why these Voicelines get played Twice :-
Because, Every Voiceline have 2-3 tones for them and sometimes they have really different wordings but the meanings are same.



47 thoughts on “NEW Horizon ASH Interaction Voicelines in Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. Im a 2600 kill horizon main so glad my babe gets more attention even when she was nerfed to the ground in season 9 i still played with her btw going for the 10k on horizon but its gonna take awhile

  2. Great !
    Can’t wait for s12 to drop where we see ash get bodied by the new legend in the drop trailer, and see her get beat by every other legend, and then see voice lines where now other legends clown on her instead of fearing her, making her seem like all bark no bite,
    It’ll be just like what they did to revenant.

  3. When season 11 is out the sole reason I’m getting ash is for the pilot voice lines. It’ll make me feel like I’m a pilot again while playing as her because of those lines.

    Damm, I miss titanfall 2…

    Also now that ash is in the game I’m gonna start rooting for Jack cooper to be in the game and he better be able to wallrun and/or have something related to BT

  4. Ash Being a pilot probably makes her canonically incredibly scary to go up against, Pilots weren't just incredibly powerful due to their training, they were scary because they adapted to everything, it didn't matter what you did, they got out in the best cases, and in the worst the murderer you and everyone near you and get out just fine

    Its why Ash seems to gloat about it, like how she says to "Fight smarter" which is what Pilots did, they had gear as well and they found good ways to use it, so I like how Ash is very unimpressed because she probably has seen better then the legends, she herself is probably up there, but honestly I'd love to see some lines about BT and Jack and her kinda trying to shrug off that she was bested by a rifleman in a walking thing of metal


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