NEW Movement BUG GETS YOU INSTA BANNED – NO MERCY – Apex Legends Guide

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49 thoughts on “NEW Movement BUG GETS YOU INSTA BANNED – NO MERCY – Apex Legends Guide”

  1. The Caustic bug is a lot more scummy than punch boosting. To nerf movement all together kills what makes Apex stand out. I want to MOVE, not camp in a building with a sniper rifle and claymores

  2. PUBG was my first step into BRs and I played it the other day to see what it's like now. The VERY first thing I pointed out was how slow it was. Sprinting felt like walking speed. Why does the character look like they're doing a brisk walk instead of actually running? I remember first learning how to bunny hop and heal around corners in Apex and won one of my first 1v3s way back by downing one person then bunny hopping behind cover to heal. Apex is popular BECAUSE of the movement. I guarantee you no one is here because of the drop rates on the map or the feel of the maps. Even the characters are good design wise but they are not carrying this game. You have characters with teleports, characters that have abilities based on speeding them up, a character with flight, a character that controls gravity and MOVEMENT is what Respawn wants to nerf!?

    I completely understand removing things to balance a game but punch boosting? Literally everyone can do it and it's not even something you have to practice. I may be a bit biased as I come from fighting games where combos themselves literally started as a glitch in Street Fighter 2 but it's a perfect example of a glitch being explored instead of just removed. The only reason I agree with the Ult movement glitch being removed/banned is because it's a glitch that gives an advantage to only a few characters. There's no cons to the glitch and there's no balance to it because it's not intended. Punch boosting?
    – Can be done by every character.
    – Has no theoretical limit to velocity increase but is stopped by the map terrain.
    -Can only be done when you punch terrain higher than where you are standing.

    So yeah it's a glitch but it's a glitch that's easily done by everyone (players and characters) and situational. It's not the same as picking one of like 4 characters and doing a movement glitch that can be done anywhere on the map. I get that as it's their game, they want it played a certain way but I feel it needs to be a little from both sides. You can remove all the movement things you want to force people to play how you want but when no one plays the game because what you've left in isn't fun…was it worth it?

  3. bruh what r u gonna do punch boost through a guy that's 3 meters away from u apex devs gotta be so slow for that u made a titan all based game its a movement tech the caustic thing sure but punch boosting .-.

  4. Tap-strafe: 180° velocity instant reorientation – Granted

    Reload cancel: Cancel a reload animation – Granted

    Bunnyhopping: Go as fast as running when healing – Granted

    WallJumping: Cancel jumping animations with a jump to bounce on a wall – Granted

    JumpPad + TapStrafe – Granted

    PunchBoost – Granted

    Shield Down: Drop your shield in front of a nade to protect yourself from the explosion – Fixed

    Double fire rate Sentinel – Fixed

    Double fire rate Peacekeeper – Fixed

    Infinite punch – Fixed

    Wraith Q no cooldown – Fixed

    Octane Fast speed: Drop holos as Octane to run as fast as a boeing 747 – Fixed

    Rampart AC130: Deploy a Rampart Turret on a Crypto Drone – Fixed

    (and so many others i forgot)

    Respawn has to stick their fingers out of their butts and start fixing their massives issues they produce in their game instead of counting on players to not glitch or whatever. Your players only play your bugged game and there s nowhere in Terms and Conditions that "You must not Ult-Cancel". If Respawn considers that a bug is found and spoils the game, maybe they should think of fixing it instead of allocating ressources to seek and ban players such as Taxi2G (even though idgaf abt him) that only played your flawed game and eventually gives to a community-loved but slowly dying game some visibilty. Also I wanna say that the fixes for the "mechanics" issues listed here have been done after the whole world tried it.

    They are mentally weird, really. Perma-ban for this is ridiculous in the worst case it should be a temporary one, and it should be written next to all of the cosmetics pop-ups when u start the game that ULT-canceling will result in a ban.

  5. Like that's fucked I feel like if u have to report someone for movement just shows how much of a bot u truly are and my feelings on it is you should practice to get better instead of getting mad at someone for being better I don't see how someone learning how to punch boost or tap straffing or ECT makes the game unfair it just shows skill and should push someone to get better at the game so u can also out play someone else so I say it's bullshit

  6. Do they ban account for "movement glitches" in both pubs and ranked? Do they give you warning. I Am a casual player. I dont look up glitches. Most of the time a random will show me like boost punching. I literally boost punch every game since. I don't want to invest money in a game to lose everything with out warning.

  7. I don't think he should be perma banned.
    I do understand why they did it.
    I feel reasonable why the other streamers didn't get banned for the rampage glitch cause everyone was using it.
    But on movement tech like punch boosting and stuff is harmless to the game and very easy combat able.

  8. I’m under the belief that if something is discovered it should be made available to everyone as a feature to stop abuse, like tap strafing and moving and looting for controller players, but abusing a clearly not intended bug, with a clearly not movement based ability like caustics gas grenade pull out animation, should get you banned temporarily and then permanently if it continues, but the streamers abusing these bugs and teaching others how to do it and not getting punished is just wrong, to phrase meme culture “they were caught in 4K”

  9. You should not be able to bet banned for a bug in a game. It is the developers fault if they do not fix the bug in a timely manner. Exception is things like terrain glitching where you go inside of a wall for an advantage.

  10. I think the problem with that bug compared to other bugs like wallhopping etc is that it was limited to a single character, making the game unbalanced. I don't think a perm was necessary but I get how they differentiate it from things like wallhopping etc.

  11. Firstly the reason for the bug isn't the players fault, so Respawn How about you just fix your game. You haven't given us any serious content for how long,one would think you have time on your hands.

    That said, using a bug and exploiting it in pubs should be fair game.Piss off the community enough and they will make noise until it's fixed. If they don't mind the exploit then leave it.

    Ranked on the other hand, any bug or exploit used should be banned, any.

    Finally stop listing to pro players and content creators, they are by far in they minority. Listen to they player pool that actually keeps the game alive. They noobs, the average joe, they try hards, the casual player. Those are the people whose opinions matter,not the 10%

  12. Imo exploits shouldn't be bannable outside of pro settings. Glitches they may be, but they are still active elements of the game that any player can access. It's on Respawn to fix these issues, not try to make the players police themselves.

  13. So tap strafe is ok, PC players looting a box and still moving is ok.. but if I 180 and punch a hill I get banned? Wow respawn… Just wow… Might as well take out every movement character, nerf pathfinder again, remove wall bounce, remove the grav cannons since they want us to move around slow n shit. And respawn has another game in the works? 🤣 They can't even get one going right and they working on another..

  14. I meanthere is no purpose using this. If you miss timing you character will be locked hard in a animation and as always movement is just a niche not a miracle movement that will make predator its just style points

  15. I mean, bruh…If you are not a movement player then don't consider movement a bug. It requires skill and a lot of time to practice and master some techniques. This is one of the best parts of this game. Just try not to waste your time baning people for movement or create softwares that automatically ban you for counting your moves. Just do your job and remove these bugs because obviously the Caustic ult dash wasn't intentional. Yes, Taxi was stupid for using that but Reps is right. U can't perma ban only him and give the Apex community a lesson, because other players may abuse other bugs and still have their accounts clean. There are maybe thousands of players abusing this bug right now and didn't receive any punishment. Either you ban everyone and remain without players, either you fix the stupid bug. Is that so hard for you to do?

  16. The line is not blurry. If its a glitch temp ban and if its a hack perma ban. Why cant no one including respawn wrap their head around this. And taxi i dont see ult dashing different from the other glitches you listed. Its corny period plus your a good player who doesnt need to do that to win anyway which makes it twice as cringe really.


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