New Nintendo Switch Console Edition Announced And Bethesda's Surprising Game Reveal | News Wave

Nintendo released a trailer for Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury showcasing a new world and even a new Nintendo Switch Console themed around Mario. The new console also has a unique look to it that we haven’t seen at retail before. Bethesda shocked the internet with a big announcement that they were starting development on a new Indiana Jones game in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

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00:00 – Start

00:51 – Star Wars Fallen Order Next Gen Patch

2:12 – Trails Of Cold Steel IV Switch Release Date

3:25 – New Sony Patent

4:49 – New Mario Information

9:38 – New Indiana Jones Game Announced

11:52 – Capcom Date Breach Update

14:41 – GameStop Rebounds

18:38 – Comment Of The Day

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32 thoughts on “New Nintendo Switch Console Edition Announced And Bethesda's Surprising Game Reveal | News Wave”

  1. @4:00 wait wait wait, Tags in game, in map at a certain place are not new, for example The Talos Principle did let you leave QR code messages for other players to read, directly on the walls in the maps. Another example, is (was) Zelda windwaker wii u, when the miiverse was still online you could receive bottles. And there were other wii u titles to, namely mario titles to feature in game in place taging.

  2. I got fallen order on ps5 in the sale and been playing it recently, haven't been on for a couple or few days so I'm about to check that out tonight in a little bit. I was using resolution mode, I'll check out the performance mode later though and see how it looks.

    infernal machine had some clunky controls, but for me was a pretty fun game overall. But even back then tomb raider often was the best of the indiana jones themed sort of games I think. I just remembered stanley and the search for doctor livingston lol. And now pitfall. Man that sort of theme in a game goes way back. Somebody think of a good tabletop one to push it farther back now. Heh I used to play house of the dead at the mall those games were the shiznit.

  3. Hey, I really like Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings! Okay, maybe it wasn't the best game, but it had a great combat system, especially if you like the Wii's motion controls. (I suppose it's a terrible game if you don't though…) Anyway, I would compare it to The Legend of Skyward Sword in terms of gameplay, but fewer puzzles and no map reuse; if you liked Skyward Sword, you'd probably like this too.

  4. I'd like to see the point blank arcade games put on a 1up arcade machine,also all 4 virtua cop games put on a 1up arcade machine and some others from sega like the jurassic park arcade light gun games put on a 1up arcade machine and konami's silent scope arcade games put on a 1up arcade machine.

  5. Yeah, remember the guy who took over a kid's game (a kid with CANCER) promising to help him get through a difficult section then stole all the kid's in game money, gear, weapons, and deleted his character…… I can just picture people offering hints that are just directions to the AMBUSH SPOT

  6. How do you do trade-ins online? You do like Amazon by giving the customer a free shipping label, and telling them to ship to the warehouse or store. It's actually a simpler concept than you might think.


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