NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Champ Adjustments for Patch 10.22 – League of Legends Season 10

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We talk about some upcoming changes in patch 10.22

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0:00 Intro
0:57 Annie
1:40 Brand
3:15 Nasus
3:59 Ashe
4:24 Jinx
5:19 Outro

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46 thoughts on “NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Champ Adjustments for Patch 10.22 – League of Legends Season 10”

  1. Riot wants to see brand JG be a menace.
    E always bounce (like Ryze's flux), and since it bounces dealing damage it can procc Talisman. Also, it prepares the W to do bonus damage to every single minion of each camp, instead of now that you use Q to just increase damage on 1 target.

  2. Oh yeah gg riot, annie with the second biggest winrate just got buff, brand who can schred an entire team with 1 item just got buffed and nasus who is litertaly destroying all rank till diamond JUST GOT BUFFED… …. Gg riot

  3. Need a new moba? Miss paragon?! Fear no more…

    Fault is in a really good spot right now getting hot fixes as soon as a problem arises.

    Just need to grow our community a bit. It plays a bit more like Monolith than Legacy if your familiar with OG Paragon.

    If you prefer less build diversity and slightly less bloated kits check our predessor or Overprime. They are all doing their own version of paragon.

    Fault is the monolith version so you will have more item actives and items that change your overall playstyle… Wanna turn a support into a carry… they have a item for that. Wanna change your Tank or mage into a support they have an item for that.. wanna just be a fucking monster that rapes everyone they have an item for that. Items are limited though game is still in Paid Early Access .

    But if your bored need a new moba to learn this is the time to do it.. cause if you play during the EA before it goes full release and free to play.. you will get seasonal rewards like limited edition skins and more….

    Fault already has a sony deal too its coming to consoles once it gets more polished. Id assume a year or two before consoles get a port.

    Come join what a real 3rd person moba is about where cc is king and you dont put two dumb asses in a lane against two other dumb asses. Instead.. they play the map the right way.

    You put your tank in offlane "aka solo lane" which is against the enemy duo lane smite still has trouble learning how to do this and ward gold furry so you can gank it.

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