NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.22 – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:22 System Buffs
1:15 Champ Nerfs
2:29 Champ Buffs
4:18 Outro

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38 thoughts on “NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.22 – League of Legends”

  1. Riot doesn't deserve me and my time. Besides the toxic community and stupid client, game itself is being ultra non-sense.
    Their way of dealing with problems are so stupid. Some specific champs abusing some rune or item which is not even dedicated to them and riot decides to nerf the item or rune while it's original users are not being close to OP.
    I can't understand how it's unfair to lane, duel or tf against Camille, and riot just don't give a fuck about that for patches.

    It feels like league could have been much more fun and balanced but gameplay team is total garbage.
    And I can't believe that there are actually people getting paid for maintaining game balance. Just fuck off… every patch is a raised middle finger.

  2. i feel the big problem with raahst is how he has a real lack of engage they shouold make it so his e move speed would last the hole duration caquse his only other mobility is the samllest dash in the game

  3. I like how they choose who to nerf, they look at the rest of the champs and say THESE RIGHT HERE are the champs that need nerfs (excluding yuumi cause that bitch needs all the nerfs). Not zed, not camille, not irelia, not nasus w, not Trynd. Nope. Perfectly balanced according to them. Fucking clowns

  4. So let me get this straight. Renekton has been 45% win rate SUB D TIER for basically a year now and now he's absolutely useless because of the goredrinker nerfs. I can see buffing him alongside Goredrinker because he was bad before the item was nerfed and worse after. But Riven was S tier. A combo heavy "High skill" Champ that has been consistently 51.5-52% win rate for the entire year. The buff to Goredrinker alone should be enough for her.


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