*NEW* RANDOM IMPOSTER ROLES 4 in Among Us?! (Town of Us)

Today @Zud is joined along with SSundee, Henwy, Sigils and Biffle to play with the NEW RANDOM ROLE in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this funny mod, and make sure to watch all of the rounds to see how I play in this NEW SERIAL KILLER IMPOSTER ROLE in AMONG US!

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35 thoughts on “*NEW* RANDOM IMPOSTER ROLES 4 in Among Us?! (Town of Us)”

  1. a little late but wow this was a RANDOM upload. (dabs through the pain) <o/ speaking of dabbing… how about you- DAB ON THE LIKE BUTTON. You'll be a RANDOM person to like the video! (why am I like this-?)

  2. I would like to suggest a mod of Sans from Undertale as an Impostor Role
    – he can take shortcuts (teleport)
    – he can kill from across the map by throwing bones
    – he can make everyone take a break (sleep) or he can make everyone laugh by telling puns
    – he can mess with people’s controls with blue magic
    – he has a 50/50 chance of killing someone by “judging” them
    – he can choose a person to surround in blue bones so they can’t move
    – he can disintegrate people with Gaster blasters
    – he has a minigame where you have to dodge bone projectile patterns (dodge white bones, don’t move with cyan ones). First person in the minigame to get hit 3 times dies.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  3. I suggest an Eevee Mod:
    – Eevee: speed boost
    Vaporeon: pushes people across the map with a wave/drowns people with a wave
    – Jolteon: can shoot someone with a lightning bolt to stun/kill from across the map
    – Flareon: leaves heat traps that make it so you get teleported to a random spot on the map (to get away from the heat)/burns someone to ashes
    – Espeon: 50/50 chance to auto-complete a task every 60 seconds/mind control
    – Umbreon: makes it dark so one person/everyone can’t see
    – Glaceon: freezes one person/everyone in place
    – Leafeon: leaves vine traps that slow people down
    – Sylveon: 50/50 chance of getting hit with Dazzling Gleam which jacks up controls/kills
    – A “Match the Eeveelution” minigame. Eeveelutions are hidden in a 4 by 4 square. 1 pair of each Eeveelution (2 Jolteons, 2 Umbreons, etc.). First to 3 matches wins, loser dies.
    Everyone can transform into whatever Eeveelution they want, all have abilities, but the Impostor has abilities that kill.
    Feel free to change as needed for the mod. This is an idea, it can be improved upon.

  4. Axolotl mod idea info abilities
    dive: dive under water and move around the map
    Gulp: suck crew mates under water and drown them dead bodies are face down and can not be reported
    Maybe Feather gills: tickle crew mates to death
    Crawl: walk on crew mates and crush them
    Tail slap: uses tail to hit crew mates into wall/ ground killing them
    Axolotlittle : make crewmates small and if they get stepped on they die

    Cremate ability
    NET:all crewmates have a net that can only be used 1 time every 30 seconds and if the catch the Axolotl the cremate gains a speed boost for 10 seconds and the Axolotl is stunned for 5seconds

  5. Eevee mod

    This is the kind of game where the imposter has to complete all tasks to win. The imposter’s weapons are pokeball as a medium range weapon, a capture stylus as a long range sniper, and a partner pikachu that can shoot a shotgun style arc of lightning bolts. The crew mates turn into Pokémon trainers like fishermen, lasses, ace trainers, etc.

    Eevee can use copycat cat transform into a crewmate
    Flareon can fire spin to trap a crewmate and jacks up their controls after 20 seconds if not rescued
    Vaporeon can jump into water and turn invisible
    Jolteon can cross-map stun someone with a lightning bolt
    Umbreon can blind everyone
    Espeon can use psychic to move a crewmate anywhere
    Leafeon can use lead blade to kill someone
    Glaceon can freeze a crewmate for 5 seconds with ice
    Sylveon can use their ribbons to grab a crew mates weapon.

  6. Tf2 mod:
    Each character is a different class with a different ability:
    Scout: drink a bonk! Atomic punch for a speed boost
    Soldier: can rocket jump to other places
    Pyro: can spy check with their flamethrower, stunning the red spy if he’s nearby
    Demoman: can place sticky bombs that stun the red spy
    Heavy: can punch people to points on the map
    Engie: can build dispensers that lower ability cooldowns
    Medic: can Uber charge people, making them temporarily invincible
    Sniper: uses Jarate to make a stun trap for the red spy
    Blue spy: can turn invisible
    Merasmus: can use his spell book to give him one use of a random ability

    Red spy(imposter)
    Can backstab while disguised
    Can transform into the red spy
    Can shoot people while transformed
    Can choose two people to compete in a minigame. They will then be in bumper cars and must play best out of five rounds of soccer. The loser will be killed with a mallet by the horseless headless horseman.
    Can disguise as dead people. While disguised, the red spy gains the classes’ ability, along with one of the following. They share cooldown.
    Scout: can zoom out and use the sandman on a random spot: a shadow will appear and the people can dodge. Whoever is under it will die.
    Soldier: can hit people with a shovel upon landing by rocket jumping
    Pyro: can create a death trap using the gas passer. Whoever enters it will burn.
    Demoman: can launch a pipe grenade at a spot on the map.
    engie: can build a mini sentry that can be controlled with the wrangler. It can’t shoot unless controlled
    Heavy: can bring people to him using the grappling hook
    Medic: can launch a syringe that poisons on hit, someone can attempt to cure the poison but has a 50% of death
    Sniper: can zoom out at shoot a sniper rifle
    Blue spy: can use the sapper to destroy the dispenser
    Merasmus: can use the bombinomicon to transform someone’s head into a bomb. The bomb head can be passed to other people and blows up after 30 seconds.

    Blue team goal: complete tasks or vote out imposter
    Red spy goal: kill everyone or collect 10 intel briefcases

    Other changes
    Mira hq= 2fort

    Pressing the fart button makes the character say “Medic” and alerts the medic. If the Medic is dead, it will instead ask for a dispenser and alert the engineer. If both are dead, they will instead say “help!”

    New cosmetics!
    Regular cosmetics:
    HHH head
    Pirate hat
    Mann co. Cap
    Ghostly gibus
    Jumpers jeepcap
    little Dutchman
    Pocket medic (tiny medic that follows you)

    New! Weapon skins:
    scout: can change the bonk! To look like festive bonk! Or critacola
    Can change sandman to look like atomizer or candy cane
    soldier: can change rocket launcher to look like the rocket jumper or the liberty launcher
    Can change the shovel to look like the market gardener or the disciplinary action
    Pyro: can change the flamethrower to look like the degreaser, phlogstinator, or the dragons breath
    demo: can change the pipe launcher to the iron bomber or the loch and load
    Can change the sticky bomb launcher to the quickie bomb launcher or the Scottish resistance
    Heavy: can change his fists to boxing gloves or eviction notice
    Engie: can change his mini sentry to look like the 3 stages of a regular sentry
    Medic: medi gun into quick fix, kritzkrieg ir vaccinator
    Spy: can change dagger into spycicle or big earner.
    Can change sapper into red tape recorder, Wheatley, or the bread monster.
    Can change revolver into ambassador or enforcer

    Merasmus: can change spell book into bombinomicon.

  7. – Idea for a mod: Plz make a mod called the miner mod.

    – Plz read and create this mod I am tired of posting this on all of your new videos

    -Also plz like my comment so this comment can be seen and maybe be made

    – The imposter can turn into the miner called transform.

    – The miner can put coal on himself to go invisible called go invisible.

    – The miner can send angry miners after someone called miners rage.

    – The miner can make it rain coal making a random person not including the imposter turn into coal called coal transform.

    – The miner start a mini game where you have to mine coal, iron, gold, diamonds emeralds, and amethyst, coal = 1 points, iron = 5 points, gold = 10 points, diamonds = 25 points, emeralds = 50 points and amethyst gives you 75 points and there is 25 cole, 15 iron, 10 gold, 5 diamonds and 3 emeralds and whoever has the least amount of points dies in coal, iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds and amethyst called the mine.

    – The miner can make a wall of coal that can be broken with a pick axe that will respawn on the map every minute and when someone picks it up it respawns if you don’t have a pick axe you can wait a minute for it to disappear called coal wall.

    – And for each move needs points and to get points you need to mine in a diamond mine and there are 3 diamond mines and they spawn randomly on the map and for every second you mine in the diamond mine you get 5 points and the max points is 100, Cole wall takes 1 point, invisible takes 25 points, miner’s rage takes 24 points, the mine takes 50 points and finally mine takes 0 points since you need to use mine to mine in the diamond mine and don’t forget to turn the map into a mine.

    ( PS This took a long time to make and I had to right this again since I sed the same thing on your last video and I copied it and tried to paste it it didn’t paste so I had to take a picture on another device and look at it so I could remember what to type so plz make the mod for my suffering and I will like subscribe and turn on the notification bell on you and your friends. )


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