NEW SEASON 12 LEGEND FULL LEAKED – MAD MAGGIE Abilities and NEW Changes – Apex Legends Guide

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39 thoughts on “NEW SEASON 12 LEGEND FULL LEAKED – MAD MAGGIE Abilities and NEW Changes – Apex Legends Guide”

  1. I just want a rampart buff, maybe increase her movement speed with her ult… Let your team shoot through both sides of her walls and block opponents from both sides (just like how caustic and Wattson's tacticals don't hurt your team mates and (almost always) punish your opponents

  2. TRASH video.

    Gtfo with this clickbait title "ABILITIES FULLY LEAKED !!". Nothing in your video is any new full leaked info. It's just you speculating on her abilities based on the officially launched trailer.

  3. Gibby will most likely be fine for the simple fact that he pairs too well with valkyrie and caustic. Like even with a breach charge she would most likely not have enough utility to replace any of those 3. But it is cool that she has some way to deal with gibby. So she'll probably be a niche pick for meta pros. And a great pick for noob stompers.

  4. Maybe Bangalore should have a huge smoke change. Like changing it to one charge, but prevent characters from scanning through it. It could make her much more relevant, but I’m scared that it wouldn’t be consistent with caustic without encouraging even more ratting

  5. Finally a counter to gibby. Also I think they will bring out the alternator because why would they take out the spitfire. And they just put in the g7. And no way they will ever bring out the kraber (unless it's a gamemode).

  6. I love Apex be because it's so nice to jump on a game of ranked after a long day at work and then have a teenager curse you out for supporting the team, and when you lose and they're the ones that put you in a bad spot but it isnt matter because you dont have 10 plus kills and they blame it on you 😅🤣. Makes me feel so good! Lol….

  7. Neckbeard tells me to wall bounce into a girl's DMs. Manscaping is gay. 11 minute dogshit full of filler to hit the algo just right. Sub like beg. Title is basically a lie. How does it feel to make "content" that literally anyone can make?


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