New Season 12 TEASER in Apex (New Legend) + Aim Assist Controversy after MYTHS Debunked

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New Season 12 TEASER in Apex (New Legend) + Aim Assist Controversy after MYTHS Debunked

JMeyels Here,
Apex has a new teaser tomorrow which will hint the next Apex Legend to join the games Mad Maggie. Also in the news is another apex pro getting banned and a new Aim Assist Controversy after a mythbuster explained his testings.

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0:00 Apex Teaser
2:30 Banned Accounts in Apex
3:06 Bangalore Skin Bug Update
4:10 Golden Nugget (Aim Assist)

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33 thoughts on “New Season 12 TEASER in Apex (New Legend) + Aim Assist Controversy after MYTHS Debunked”

  1. As a controller player I can say that the caustic gas/ thermite thing is a lie we have it just as bad as pc players if you hit shots through that your either extremely lucky you have a digi or ur hacking

  2. If possible, I’d like AA to be removed when shooting in thermites (I have no opinion on caustic gas) and this is because I used to play controller and I played it against recently for the memes, and in bunker somebody threw a thermite by the entrance in the hallway, I could see a SINGLE thing, so I just fired through. Without touching my analog stick, it tracked a guy who was wall bouncing in and then spam crouching left and right, I couldn’t even see him…

  3. I still think pc has an advantage. They are able to: Move while looting (I know it's a bug but they will never fix it) They can tap strafe, they clean use all their fingers on their left arm and the whole of their right arm use precision when aiming. What do we have: aim assist which will be gone, and two sticks piloted by two thumbs and shooting with our index finger. Is that fair?

  4. The fix is easy, have lobbies with aim assist off and lobbies with aim assist on.
    If controller players want to play in non aim assist lobbies then I have no problem with that.
    Also maybe there should be aim assist for mouse too some people are disabled, put them in the aim assist on lobbies if they have it on.

  5. Im on Controller on console and to AA I must say at the start of the season when they decreased it, it was some of the most fun I had because it’s so strong on console that level 5s can beam you from 100m+. So I’d say just put it to pc aim assist on console again.

  6. All aim assist should be .4 no reason for two different levels. Consoles is far to high. Pc is fine but if you nerf it to .3 or something atleast change the reload on knocked players and able to move while looting

  7. Honestly I play on console and wouldn’t notice a difference if aim assist was gone every game that gives me the option I turn it off because it’s annoying but in apex because it’s not just an aim lock like other games I don’t even notice it

  8. Remove PC and console cross-play!! When respawn made PC Console cross-play its literally when this Mnk BS controller thing started. I’m fine playing against pc controllers but .6 aim assist on console should be illegal.

  9. Apex should bring a spectating only option be able to spectate games without taking part to spot out the cheaters and specifically report those players that would also reduce fake reports from angry lesser experienced players who report someone due to an emotional based decision rather than accepting the fact they just wasn't as good as Thier opponent and simply got smoked 🥳 all in all tho a spectating only option would be cool especially for ranked being able to spectate pred games live without being at that level just to enjoy the viewing of the awesome gameplay

  10. I'm just gonna call Maggie "Boganella" because 1. she reminds me of the Boganella shotgun's voice from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and 2. She sounds like a Boganella

  11. Am I the only one who finds Ash's ultimate and tactical a bit "underwhelming"? If it's gonna go one way, at least make it go a bit further. And the trap can go faster.

  12. Aim assist in apex doesn’t exist past 20ms. It sure as hell isn’t OP up close. M&K players have all the advantages in the world with distant fire fights & up close movement. They have their entire arm and hand to control recoil. The only controversy is how shallow and short sided M&K players are.


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