NEW SKINS ARE PAY TO LOSE – Is Riot in SHAMBLES? – Valorant Update Guide

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33 thoughts on “NEW SKINS ARE PAY TO LOSE – Is Riot in SHAMBLES? – Valorant Update Guide”

  1. Bro ngl riot performance keeps getting worse every update, I have an i7-8700k and gtx 1650, I used to get 220-250fps at the start of this year, and now I barely reach 120-140, tf has happened to the game

  2. The fps issue this patch has been the worst one yet, I don't know if anyone on my or enemy team had the new skins but before this patch, I used to get 120fps on my mid-range laptop but since my fps has tanked to less than 100 and if 2-3 agents use their abilities together my screen starts to lag, I have seen it go as low as 10fps for a few seconds. I remember getting 150fps when valorant launched but if this continues I'll have to switch to another game. Hope riot fixes this proplem. Not everyone has a 10,000$ PC

  3. Bruh my fps dropping every patch. I started out playing with 80 fps or so and now i cant even manage 35 fps properly. Like wtf is this.
    (Don't bully my toaster guys. It looks like a computer trust me)

  4. Riot needs to fix ranked games, I am so stuck in bronze 3 that I even got matched with Gold1 player, I top frag in full silver lobby being B3 and still can't promote, atleast if I was given my ranks ie bronze I would have been promoted….

  5. My friends and I have been having network, fps issues as well as stuttering since the new patch. Its been rough, my valo keeps freezing mid game and its so damn annoying

  6. all I want is for split and fracture to be deleted from the game, or given their own pools for all gamemodes, coz they're so bad, if u like them, smthn wrong in ur brain.
    also fracture physically lowers my fps (other maps 25-30, fracture 10-15)


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