*NEW* TOP VIRAL APEX MOMENTS! – Top Apex Plays, Funny & Epic Moments #836

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Top Apex Legends Plays Best moments Compilation: *NEW* TOP VIRAL APEX MOMENTS! – Top Apex Plays, Funny & Epic Moments #836

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25 thoughts on “*NEW* TOP VIRAL APEX MOMENTS! – Top Apex Plays, Funny & Epic Moments #836”

  1. wish i had something to record games i had a good moment yesterday though defentaly cheap and reportable totally worth it playing duos and had 3 squads including us at ring 5 i think and one squad kept losing circle and playing overly agressive aginst both squads so i didnt want to fight the squad to our left and somehow go them to be friendly and we teamed up on the other squad then melee each other for the win

  2. The first clip made me so mad that gibby did such a nice job downing that squad then his teammates just go for the loot instead of rezzing him I hate that so much.


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