NEW Upcoming FEATURES For ACT 2! CONFIRMED + SPECULATED CHANGES! – Valorant Update Preview

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Have you been living under a rock and wonder what upcoming changes we can expect in Act 2? We’ve got you covered. Today we will talk about all the confirmed and speculated changes coming into Act 2 next week, so you’re ready for the new update!

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Free Trial!
0:56 New Map: Fracture
2:12 Immortal Rank Changes
3:43 Zedd Skin Bundle
4:16 New Battle Pass + More Skins?
4:58 Question Of The Day
5:22 Tournament Mode
6:12 Yoru Rework?!
7:13 Agent Buffs/Nerfs?
9:09 Deadeye Leaks
9:37 Conclusion
9:58 Outro

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29 thoughts on “NEW Upcoming FEATURES For ACT 2! CONFIRMED + SPECULATED CHANGES! – Valorant Update Preview”

  1. Yoru is fine as is. Just make his footsteps have a larger radius to trigger higher cypher traps.
    Also weapon pull out after teleport/unult is clunky af. Sometimes I pull my knife instead of my weapon. Maybe make it a priority for primary/secondary to pull out instead of the knife.

  2. For yoru's footsteps it should look like yoru running but every few seconds he has a glitch effect and looks like a hologram. And if they shoot it they could get flashed or pinged or something. Just an idea and if you have a different idea reply 🙂

  3. Sova's shock darts needs a nerf for sure, he can buy 2 shock darts at the pistol round and that's too overpowered, it should be less damage or him being able to buy only one shock dart at the first round

  4. I’m a Yoru main and honestly I don’t think he needs a rework or buff period
    The only thing I can see is having his fakeout actual player height, or make it having an actual visual character not just footsteps on the ground, and little timing changes for equips and activations

  5. honestly, i wanna see Yoru's footstep change like this

    "While active, any movement based sound Yoru would make is now played from the decoy instead of Yoru"

    or something along those lines

  6. Kayo really needs that rework where he can crawl once he's down, but I have a suggestion:

    Since L4D2 has also a mod that also allows downed survivors to crawl, give Kayo an HP cost whenever he's crawling

    Since technically he needs the reset, crawling even further with his bolts and screws lose without HP costs is off to me, considering robots (and humans) require energy to move even when incapacitated

  7. Yoru’s flash is really good. The only duelist that has a better flash is Reyna. If anything, Yoru’s fakeout needs a huge buff, maybe like R6 alibi, only with the ability to be static or running. Also, the gatecrasher would be much more useable if its timer was longer. As it is now, you barely have enough time to make plays or scout before it’s too late to tp

  8. i’ve just started playing for like a month and i came from playing fortnite. it’s totally different. i would like to see another agent and maybe see viper heal herself like pheniox. idk i might sound dumb here because i haven’t played for a long time but yea:)


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