NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents Tier List For 2022! – Valorant Patch 4.0

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Today we cover the new best agents tier list for 2022! Now that Neon is out, it’s easier to get a grasp of how she plays in game and also how the meta looks as we enter the new year. Some of the best valorant agents have shifted places, and it’s interesting that some of the expected changes either haven’t come or hasn’t come yet.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Jett
1:24 Astra
2:04 Viper
2:36 Sova
3:14 Neon
4:23 Skye
5:05 Chamber
5:36 Kayo
6:18 Killjoy
6:44 Reyna
7:17 Raze
7:46 Sage
8:24 Cypher
8:58 Breach
9:33 Omen
10:08 Brimstone
10:41 Phoenix
11:15 Yoru
11:35 Conclusion

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43 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents Tier List For 2022! – Valorant Patch 4.0”

  1. If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the deadyou will be saved Romans 10:9 Please Repent And accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour Rapture and Hell is the consequence😭

  2. Can someone explain to me why kayo is out so much higher then breach? Luis bang while decent arent that useful compere to breach, his khife is better them the breachs E I agree, but the granade is even worst them the aftershock. And the Ulta I think In most maps(Just not breeze) breach Ults is such useful retake/take sites ability

  3. honestly Jett is just a great agent and I think that she definitely should not be nerfed again. All she needs in my opinion is some competition, for example a Pheonix buff and a Yoru rework could really really help with making sure Jett gives other duelists a fair chance.

  4. As a Viper main since before her buff proud to say that I'll still play her even if they nerf her lmao.. also hope they give love to Phx because I like the character alot … they even gonna buff my guy Yoru so what about Phx?

  5. Man Reyna is just straight up broken. I just started playing for 2–3 weeks and got 3-4 kills every ult I popped up. Just downside is if you're not feeling hitting your shots then just leave her

  6. as astra main, and skye main,i'm proud of them to be on higher tier.
    also u guys need to try astra on breeze, I've been playing astra on breeze since the map came out.

  7. i feel like making every agent in the game A tier is the best design philosophy in a game like valorant. All S tier agents would make gameplay too chaotic to understand what's going on. A tier feels like agents all have distinct tradeoffs and drawbacks which make them unique, and emphasize agent mastery

  8. Dude… I totally disagree with you on Killjoy😑 I am a KJ main and I have am yet to feel one game where my I am not making an impact… if you know how to play sentinel… KJ and Cypher are borderline S tier. For me Jett/Neon are A tier to be honest. KJ and Cypher are still viable… People just don't use their brain cells if they can't use them, because these agents are more brain then aim… People just don't regard a sentinel main until we top frag.😑

  9. I dont get riot games. They try to make this game so you can't run and gun, but then make neon, who's ult is the definition of running and gunning. Not even running and gunning, running and *lasering*

  10. Omen can be easily fixed by giving him an additional blind and an additional smoke.

    Phoenix should have a longer wall and more lasting. Make the flashes last longer and more time on ulti or reduce ulti orbs to 5 or something.

    Cypher should be able to reveal players when they enter his smoke. Like it did before.

  11. Im a Phoenix main for a while,and I can say that he is really good while attacking since his abilities can be used like a combo to create a great entry play,but I also gotta say,Reyna has better self heal than Phoenix which is bad.I would increase his heal per fireball and his wall so his heal is more useful,thats a good buff I think


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