New Zedd x Valorant Collection – The Spectrum Skins. Let me know what you think about these!!

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  1. One of the coolest skins for sure when it comes to sound effects and animations but not much for the gun designs. I didn't even realize that there are multiple sound finishers per colors on your gun, as well as the finisher itself 0-0

  2. Am I the only on who thinks this collection won’t age well and lose its X factor after a while if you buy it and use it a lot , but will be a great weapon if you just pick it from the floor occasionally

  3. this is gonna be very hard desicion, like I LOVE THOSE SKINS best in the game, but for that price, i mean i have enoughv valorant point so i can just buy a 18 USD points and then i can buy it, but man taht is CRAZY

  4. hmm… i like the animations, finishers and vfx. but honestly the skin design itself and colours are kinda meh… looks like some power rangers blasters especially with the Z logo. sorry yeah im kinda old.

  5. Love that melee. Now I'm not sure which phantom skin to get, oni or spectrum. Anyways, great content. This is my go to channel when it comes to skin releases and other announcements in valorant. Keep it up, my good man. ☺️

  6. 4:04 That sounds really good for some lofi-beats. I was kinda sad when you said that there isn't such thing with the guns given the fact that just might buy on ly the phantom skin. But then I agree that might be distracting and might interfere with footstep noises and then I'll mald. Rather I'll listen to it after killing the last enemy. And maybe when I'll start earning myself I'll buy the skins that I can't right now like this spectrum knife.
    P.S. The knife inspect music 4:04 and the kill animation music 6:06 are different.
    P.S.2. I got myself the recon spectre as it was a breath of fresh air to this sci-fi fantasy stuff and makes you feel like you are using a gun which looks realistic. And since I don't use it that much so not having to pay as much as these skins but getting something new aka the randomiser was cool. Also the design and kill sound is very good too. (A finisher would've still been appreciated like a flag with a soldier saluting but it is what it is now that I've bought it.)

  7. it's great, but i thought the design is gonna be like glitchpop… sadly it looks like minima, but the animation, sfx, etc is really great tho, just not what i am hoping for, specially the knife, seems like i will just get the balisong then

  8. After balisong came out, future knives with normal animations will look 'mediocre' to me, doesnt matter how good the skins is.
    What I need is either Butterfly/Karambit with good skin, insta cop from me.

  9. Its a cool bundle but I don't think it will age well.. IMO its too distracting. The music w/the knife. (Don't get me wrong this bundle is DOPE!) but its not worth $100. Honestly sounds close to the ion skin line, which I already have. That kill animation is sick though. And for some reason it looks like the phantom shoots slower lol. Shroud should make a bundle. Would like to see his vision on his skins.


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