New World – The Vision Explained – MMORPG 2020

New World has posted their December Development Update, including a blog detailing their concept for the combat, the direction they’re going and the …


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  1. the hatchet was the most used weapon on the server i played on. the hatchet would massacre newbs to mmorpg combat. because of stun lock abusing players quickly discovered with the hatchet. and zerg vs zerg combat. getting first hit by multiple players with a hatchet just meant you got stun locked from full health to your death. players that couldn't roll dodge or block properly would get shattered by the hatchet before they could even react.

    to me. it was frustrating at first. but once i figured out the mechanics more it was pure comedy to both brutalize players with the axe and counter axe players with sword and board

  2. Body blocking ranged attacks is fine if your melee people know how to stand to the side and leave your line of sight open. I thought it also an interesting mechanic in pvp to make sure that in a melee, you keep the enemy between yourself and any other nearby enemies to avoid getting sniped. That being said, they did need to reduce the hit box of friendly targets a bit. It was kind of ridiculous how easily friendly players absorbed your shots a meter over their heads.

  3. I found the base of the Combat and world both very enjoyable in the beta. One of my big requests was seperate cds for each weapon, the biggest issue with the game still is the lack of direction and meaningful endgame. I haven't heard them give a firm stance on what their endgame vision is and what's the draw for me to log in every day and to grind for better shit.

  4. I get the feeling that plenty of companies these days underestimate what it takes to make a good working game.
    All too often it's throw cash at it until it works, and then they realise they end up with a polished nice looking janky unfun polished turd.
    Class Balancing is the holy grail of any game that has PvP, I hope Amazon invest into this fully, we need a new flagship mmorpg game to play

  5. Having access to 9 skills at once instead of 3 even if they are all damage skills isn't at all going to make the game spamy. Thats still like 30 less skills you get access to then other action combat based games. I guess if you had hopes of them making a Dark Souls combat style MMO then you would be upset. I don't think Dark Souls combat works for the type of game they are going for now. At this point everything AGS has done has been a flop. You can never make a game appeal to everyone but if you want to succeed you need to get the majority on board. Thats what they are slowly shifting towards.

  6. this game its disappoint me. i thought this game will be open world building sandbox pvp difficult boss souls like mmoarpg

    my idea list
    1. every combat move use stamina atk heavy atk dodge run counter atk skill or magic jump block
    this will prevent atk spam stunlock magic spam skill spam force players to use their brain not to dump their IQ in trash and just cilck that boring normal atk

    2. i want it to be sandbox building base structure open world game that doesn't have survival aspect like hunger

    3. boss fight and pve enemies i want boss and enemies to be challenging like it can dodge block counter combo. not just stupid ai boss or enemies that can only walk and atk the same move 5000 times like every other mmo do

    4. pvp more have more quest more reward to encourage players to pvp and player can only pvp outside save zone to conquer teritory

    5. stat and leveling i like how dark souls have just 1 currency is souls and i like that in darksouls they use the money ro souls to level up
    and stats i will use conan exiles stat system if you used 10 point on that stat it will give bonus perk and balance it examples if this game have 5 type of stat you can only max 4 type to prevent players to be masters in every way

    6. stealth to balance group of pve enemies

    7. characters customization players can select weapons and armor and perk of that weapon or armor players can freely pick 2 skill or magic in slot but if some of the 2 skill or magic is too op when combined it will nerf one of these skill in half

    8. long range atk and skill aiming no targetlock player have to aim by themselves prevent lazy spaming and most projectile wil move slow but have bigger hitbox or it will be burst fire mode just like how doom make it
    skill or magic will have no cooldown but use both mana and stamina to limit encourage players to combine move to create new combo

    this is the game that i've want it for years but no one can make my dream come true sometimes i want to make this game myself but I'm just 1 person and dont know how to code and make game

  7. im a super mega hiper hardcore fan of this kind of games, and i bought it the minute this game idea came online, and got into those test and everything, and honestly this is by far one of the most mediocre video games ive played by far, you could probably mod ark survival evolved and get a better game than this one , its the most generic piece of crap experience ever, fallout 76 start to look like a decent game after playing this trash!

  8. I disagree about the min/max builds. I have seen games where people think "this is the best!" and they actually had a bad build compared to people who saw what was really happening (best example, Blink tanks in FFXI. Face a monk char and the lower def becomes obvious as the shadows disappear immediately). Frankly, I think if you need a min/maxed char, or you think there is only "One best build" then you suck as a gamer. Go ahead, get mad about it.

  9. Here I come with the weird ideas again…. But I wonder if it would be better if they instead had some sort of "stability" bar, kinda like in Immortals Fenyx Rising, where you (and AI) have a set amount if stability which can be decreased through stagger and knockback skills. The lower the bar, the more you can be staggered or even knocked down if it's depleted.
    But you can also use certain skills or movement to increase the bar back! Thus combat requires more movement and strategy than just spamming skills.

    What do you think? Purely a theoretical thing because I doubt they'd do something like that.. but fun to think about?

    As always, thanks for the great breakdown!

  10. I'm not sure about removing global cooldowns. The cc lock will be real with abilites from hammer and shield and without real stun breaks, it will be a nightmere to balance. One way that to do that is to add longer animation to weapon swap or short cooldown to all abilites after the swap.


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