New Xbox Series X Games – New AAA Halo Game In Development

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New Xbox Series X Games – New AAA Halo Game In Development
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27 thoughts on “New Xbox Series X Games – New AAA Halo Game In Development”

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  2. So they can't even deliver the halo game they've been working on for 5+ years and now they want to work on another "AAA" halo game. Maybe they know infinite will end up being crap and want to get a jump on the next one.

  3. As someone that loved Halo Wars 1&2 I want a Halo Wars 3, but your right they someone else would have to develop it and maybe that’s why Microsoft is in talks with Paradox Interactive?

    I want Halo Infinte to be like Destiny where every year we get a massive Expansion where we further explore and fight on the ring.

    I’ve always wanted a Halo Harvest which tells the tale of the first contact war with Johnson and all the Spartans.

    And I know it’s controversial but 343 did make the Spartan assault games and while they are terrible… the idea of a twin stick shooter Isn’t a bad idea alone. And I would love to see a Diablo like game where you play as a Spartan or Elite possible on the Flood Homeworld.

  4. I’m not interested in another halo game. However, I am looking forward to halo infinite. Would much rather MS focus on titles like Blinx, Ninja gaiden (the original), Otogi, Jade empire, or KOTR

  5. A halo wars where you can command like you would in other halo wars games but you could drop in as your own unit or main character would be something different. Halo Wars was alright but wasn’t hardcore rts enough for pc gamers and wasn’t much of a draw for console gamers.

  6. I'm really disappointed ATM with halo 5 on the series X it looks good but after playing the master cheif collection the enemy's being rendered at 30 fps is too noticeable so hoping for it being patched one day as for now i have out it to the side as it's spoiling the game for me too bad as I was really enjoying the series

  7. I feel like Microsoft shouldn't limit their studios to a specific IP. 343 should be making games that don't have Halo in the title. The same applies to the Coalition and Gears. Who wants to be pigeonholed into making games for the same IP for 20 years?


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