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If you thought the Yoru rework was never going come, the riot devs have sent us a christmas miracle. Today we’re going to cover all the new information about the upcoming Yoru rework. This guy might become the best agent in Valorant!

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Context
1:22 Dev Direction
2:19 Fakeout Changes
3:09 Gatecrash Change
4:07 Concerns
4:57 When is Yoru coming?
5:19 Conclusion

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38 thoughts on “NEWS UPDATE: Yoru REWORK Is FINALLY HERE?! – Valorant”

  1. 1. allow Yoru to send a clone through his gatecrash instead of himself (doing the full animation)
    2. allow Yoru to send a clone out while ulting (clone does full "end ult animation"
    boom, coolest agent in valorant

  2. As a yoru main im so happy, having a literall fake of him as a replacements to only a footsteps is big for better outplays like triggering some sentinel traps, the tp is also ok wished it was instant tho, and a cool buff for his ult, he van use his abilities while at it 🙂

  3. i feel like a fun mechanic for his footsteps would be making it a clone like they are talking about but if you shoot it out instead of it exploding, it should "bounce" the bullets back for 1/4 or 1/2 damage back to the shooter. as far as his gatecrash i think the changes they mentioned are good, the only thing that i think it also needs is a cd reduction, currently it is too lengthy for how much he needs his tp. Lastly his ult, it would be nice if they added a mechanical option to tp back to where he originally ulted from, so say rmb is exit his ult and lmb is tp back to his start point


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