Nikitas "Advanced Animations" Team Shows Progress – Escape From Tarkov News

Looks really, really good.

I appreciate you guys. Thanks for being here.




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42 thoughts on “Nikitas "Advanced Animations" Team Shows Progress – Escape From Tarkov News”

  1. Important to note – the character has a different animation and is running slower after he unfolds the weapon. Hopefully this is for guns in general – giving a reason to fold your gun / nerf to Shift+W playstyles.

  2. Very cool, but I gotta be honest, don't think I've ever, personally of course, spent any amount of time looking at or for subtle things like backpack physics and such in Tarkov. Great that they're doing it, but won't that kind of thing end up being like RDR2's horse testicles where it's this great attention to minute detail that nobody notices after the first 5 minutes. What gets me excited about this is how it probably also insinuates progress on stuff like down states and carrying bodies / injured allies is.

  3. Looks good for ppl who can play Tarkov. Myself and some others who've upgraded our PC's now have lots of player and AI jitter as they move. So can't play.
    Tried all sorts of troubleshooting but nothing sorted it. BSG are "looking into it".
    Anyone here know netcode and fancy a challenge to locate what's causing it?

  4. A step in the right direction for sure.

    However, what most users would probably like to see are actual PERFORMANCE improvements.
    They added DLSS, which on most builds did nothing except blur the screen, because it was improperly implemented, and because Unity.

    They really need to start working on their CPU reliability here. It will not only open up the roof for performance, as the GPU can actually work past 70fps on big maps, but it will also open possibilities for future Graphics and Animation upgrades.

    But only time will tell, given this is BSG we are talking about.

  5. I would like to see all the guns in a high position with enough ergo if possible for a faster swap to combat ready. When he has the mp7 with one hand should be how it is for all and most guns

  6. What would be cool in my opinion would be a run and sprint option. Like running casually then sprinting but it decreases ur stamina more. Idk just a small thought

  7. This game is already an absolute work of art and becomes more so every day. Super cool to see them still putting (probably a ton of) work into details like this instead of spending 100% of the dev time on FiX yOuR gAmE. Hopefully the people putting in that work know the fans appreciate them.

  8. Such much good about tarkov and animations are really needed to improve.

    But my biggest problem with the game is that it still rewards COD gun and run over tactical gameplay.

    It is hardcore rpg looter shooter / arcade shooter right now.

    Looking forward to final product but for serious tactical gameplay this game offer little to none compared to other actual hardcore titles.


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