Nintendo Announces E3 Plans – Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.02.21

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Blessing and Andy tackle a big Nintendo news day. Let’s talk about E3, Switch Pro, a musuem??… and Valorant coming to mobile. Listen to the post-show to hear Blessing and Andy talk about the best LGBT video game characters.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:02:31 – Housekeeping
A new Kinda Funny Gamescast is up right now! And it’s the highly anticipated E3/ Summer Game Fest predictions episode. It’s Greg, Tim, Andy, and I making our boldest and wildest predictions on what we can expect this summer. 40 total predictions made. That’s up right now on and Podcast services around the globe.
The Roper Report –
00:04:38 – Nintendo has officially announced their E3
00:14:18 – Switch Pro has now reportedly been listed at a French retailer
00:15:17 – BREAKING NEWS: God of War: Ragnarok Delayed
00:23:53 – “Is the supply/demand constraints for the new consoles truly affecting game development and marketing?” – TheFlannelDeath
00:34:40 – Ad
00:38:39 – Nintendo is opening up a museum!
00:42:23 – Valorant is getting a mobile spin off
00:51:09 – No Man’s Sky is getting even ANOTHER cool update
01:01:37 – A New RPG from former Shin Megami Tensei Devs is incoming
01:02:37 – Babylon’s Fall Beta?!
01:03:55 – King of Fighters 15 delayed
01:04:20 – Out today
Reader mail –
01:08:25 – Squad Up: Joshua Phenis – Xbox – JJ21 XBOX360
01:09:27 – You‘re Wrong
01:11:47 – Post Show
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Tim


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31 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces E3 Plans – Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.02.21”

  1. We knew it would be delayed gow 2 but when is horizon coming out? I have a feeling deathloop the Xmas game and then horizon early 2022 and gow the big summer or Xmas title

  2. This holding back hardware debate has been killing me. It has always been based on the developer man. The previous gen consoles don’t hold back nex gen games. It’s up to the developer whether or not they are going to use the better tools on the newer systems.

  3. Really, it was just stupid and hype-bait to announce 2021 to begin with. It's Holiday 2022, and that's fine. Take your time, make a variety of non-troll, non-valkyrie bosses, and we'll see you then.

    …that being said, if you guys have a nice slicey slice ready for June, that would be lovely.

  4. The problem with that whole "But crossgen isn't that bad cause the graphics are gonna be better on next-gen, its the same game" is that it's a perspective from gamers who think : more power means better graphics (or shorter load times). They don't think about level design, the ambition of the environment, the physics, the A.I improvements that could be made. By that logic of "its only graphics" that would mean every PS4 game can run on PS3 too. Since, you know, they're in 3D so thats the same thing just better.
    Computing power is not only for shiny textures, but sadly thats been the mentality for generations.

  5. I think we can all agree GoW was never coming this year. Sony put the 2021 date on it to get more people to buy PS5's, another lame Sony marketing trick that idiots fell for.

  6. Not surprising that GoW is delayed into 2022. The 2021 date was merely to get people to buy a ps5. I'll be excited to play it when it comes out in 2023 after a second delay.

  7. My only issue with Sony at the moment is the fact that some of its biggest franchises are being forced to run on a weak for 2013 jaguar cpu. That means many, many things will have to be scaled back that these talented teams would otherwise be able to innovate with. It's sad. You take many of the tools away from what is Sony's best asset, the talented and creative people who make these great games. You're limiting what they are able to achieve with their vision for the game right from the start. You lose with that kind of thinking. Sure, Sony will make money from the games ps4 sales, but they will lose gamers like me who despite owning every sony console since the ps1 except for the handheld, see this as a big let down for what we love the most about the Sony platform.

    If Herman Hulst is the kind of studio head who doesn't push the platform forward, he has to go. What is the damn point of producing a new console if the teams are not going to be allowed to push what is possible on it? No game designed to run on the ps4 will push the ps5, and that is truly sad. Think about how different the upcoming Ratchet and Clank would be if it had to run on ps4. It would be a different game, a completely different experience. What would a truly next gen Horizon or God of War offer us? That is the crime here…the lost potential. If the next Naughty Dog game, or the next Spider-Man is cross gen, that man Herman has to go. That is not leadership.

  8. I laughed and said "no way", when it was originally announced for 2021.

    I'm a huge God of war fanboy and even I knew there was no chance of a 2021 release

  9. All I know is Sony need to stop playing with the community and give us a legit RELEASE DATE! for that Forbidden West game. This is not the time to be slick or silent with the community after the GOW! lie and had the nerve to drop that info during the month of the SUPER BOWL of gaming 👀. The backlash from the community was justified. If Microsoft drops HALO! rather if it's trash or not and Nintendo drop's a bomb for the FALL! as well and Sony doesn't drop that Forbidden West until next year 👀. That's an L for Sony because a DEATH LOOP and GHOST WIRE TOKYO are not system sealers and no one can SHILL! for that. 🤷🏼‍♂️


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