Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Get Out of Control And PS5 Drifting Gets Worse | News Wave

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The Nintendo Switch has had a revision rumored for the last few years and recently the rumors have been picking up steam. Recently a bunch of information came out online talking about 1440p and a possible 2021 release. Controller drift has been talked about a lot recently with all three console manufacturers facing lawsuits around the situation. Well now a new video shows why the drift won’t be getting better anytime soon.

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00:00 – Start

00:50 – Persona 5 S Released Without Denuvo

2:34 – New Wii Sports Golf Glitch

3:54 – Zelda Skyward Sword Joy-Con Page Goes Live

4:30 – Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

10:03 – PS5 DualSense Controller Drift Explained By iFixit

12:44 – Coalition Working On Halo Infinite

14:53 – Nintendo DS Lite TV Out Feature Discovered

16:27 – Poll

17:15 – Comment Of The Day

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25 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors Get Out of Control And PS5 Drifting Gets Worse | News Wave”

  1. most likely switch pro will get tegra orin and expected 2x performance per-watt from mariko, and 1440p doable on standar game, heavy games like the witcher 3 still 1080p, 4k using dlss upscaling from 1440p

  2. Stop calling it a switch, let`s hope for a non-handheld real console, let your kids play on their phones, nintendo could be so perfect with both nintendo games AND good third party games, but that will never happend if they keep making it handheld for children

  3. Are joysticks really any less durable now than they used to be (as people are saying when comparing to PS2 controllers)? I have my doubts since there could be other factors like people just being both more vocal and more of the issues. In the past someone might have just silently bought a new controller or dealt with it. Of course it is harder to be silent when the controllers cost so much because there's tons of dumb crap crammed into them.

    I think what we should do instead of insisting that they use massively more durable sticks (that won't make a difference to most people) is to get these companies to design them to be easily replaceable. Same with batteries in them. We know there's no way to make them last forever, so why not use something very standard that can be easily swapped?

  4. Regarding the Switch naming when they eventually do release an improved one, Switch Pro has been the dumbest community naming choice. "Pro" has already been a watered-down term thanks to Apple, but it's absurd to think that Nintendo would ever want their products to be considered "professional". They have always wanted to keep friendly image. "Pro" sounds elitist and exclusive, like something that only an adult should be using since it's not a toy.

    "New Nintendo Switch" seems likely to be what they use just based on the use of it in the 3DS line. But they also play on nostalgia heavily so "Super Nintendo Switch" isn't far-fetched.

  5. Hey guys. If you want to correct PS5 stick don't then go to settings and disconnect the blue tooth controller. The wire it to the ps5 using the USB C and Re connect it to the the bluetooth. It's an easy thing to fix. X x


  7. How can anyone talk about 4k on the switch man. It's simply not possible. DLSS is not magic. It needs hardware to run properly. Unless the next Switch is NOT portable, comes in a huge chasis like the other consoles AND has the equivalent of at least a RTX 2060 GPU in it (and bare in mind the 2060 isn't actually a 4k card), AND costs double the money of a normal Switch AND comes with a CPU that can run 4k, there is no point talking about 4k on the Switch. Yeah I want it too. But this is too Sci-Fi to even be considered. It's 2021 people. Running games in 4k needs power, needs hardware and needs a ton of cooling! High End Phones and Tablets on the market cost 1200-1500$ and have quadruple the specs of the Switch and THEY CAN'T run games in 4k!

  8. This is what you get when you introduce gimmicks like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, hd rumble and the lot. They put in the cheapest plastic components in to serve as the most important function. If you ask me, we don't need all those gimmicks. We just need a sturdy controller that does it's job with good battery life. That's all.

  9. 12:35 Jon, you said you'd pay more for a controller that doesn't break at only a few months old? I most certainly would not! That's paying a premium for a supposedly already premium product to set a very low bar of simply not being junk!

    I don't care about these "new and innovative" technologies like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. No gamer is deciding their gaming based on if a trigger pushes back on their finger. Gamers are deciding their gaming on the game itself and the quality of the hardware.

    We've somehow gotten joy from home consoles for 40+ years without haptic feedback and pressure resistant triggers, and most gamers don't care about motion controls (outside of the Wii). My first console, the Atari 2600, was literally a stick and a button — in years of use it never broke and it was nonstop fun! Even four years into the life of the Switch, which has haptic feedback and motion controls, these features go relatively unused or unnoticed in most games. It all comes back to functionality of the fundamentals.

    What use are all these luxuries if the basic functionality of the controller breaks so quickly that it's a noticeable problem four months into the product's life? If an adaptive trigger spring, vibrating motor, or accelerometer breaks, the controller is still usable for most games without it. If the analog stick fails, the controller is now useless. Maybe controller production needs to go back to the basics, rather than ignore the basics.

  10. should I get a switch now or wait for the pro? I want one for the mobility (Im PC) and to introduce my gf to video games. Either way it'll be like a year before I can get my hands on a Pro right?

  11. Hey Jon(SW) wassup.

    P5: Strikers without Denuvo on PC would be good stuff and getting them Persona games on all Platforms is a good idea Atlus.

    That is a neat Wii Golf Glitch, people still Playing Wii Golf awesome :-D.

    I'll definitely be trying too get the Skyward Sword Joy-Cons if I can but they could be hot property tho guys.

    I still hopeful that a Switch Pro or Deluxe I think it'll be Called lol is coming this Year around September, I don't think it needs too Release with a big game because it's only a Revision rather than a New Launch system. 1440p Upscaling too 4K I think could be Handled by a New Dock.

    I would rather Pay less for a Controller without all the Tech inside but have top quality Analogue Sticks, Triggers, D-Pad n Buttons rather than all this cool Tech inside but every 3-6 Months I need too Buy another Controller, Gaming is an expansion hobby as is without Buying poorly made Accessories on top.

    Hopefully Halo Infinite is gonna be a great game, not a good game but great game, cuz the Halo Brand has been on the slide for awhile now and needs that big boost again.

    DS Lite Running on a Big Screen defo a TechWave idea 😀 👍.

    Really great Poll, A Link to the Past is my all time fave Zelda game that won't be beat anytime soon I don't think but 2nd for me switches between Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time but BotW is a clear Winner here tho.

    Great Comment, it's so interesting seeing what pops up from the Gaming World's Past.


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