Nintendo's Game Builder Garage + Detective Pikachu Sequel in Doubt? – Today's News Tonight (5/5/21)

Episode 83 of Today’s News Tonight has arrived with some breaking news right out of Nintendo! We’re joined by Modern Vintage Gamer to discuss Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage, a fan-made LEGO concept of Samus’ Gunship officially making to LEGO’s review phase, scrapped Fortnite collaborations, bad news for Blizzard, new uncertainty on the Detective Pikachu movie sequel front, and more!

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0:00 – Intro
4:13 – Discussing the original Shantae’s recent Nintendo Switch port with its creator, special guest Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG)!
14:23 – Getting caught up on the latest Apple vs. Epic litigation developments with the GVG crew and MVG!
21:22 – Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage for the Switch with a debut trailer, releasing on June 11th
30:22 – A super cool fan-made LEGO concept of Samus’ Gunship has made it into LEGO’s official “In Review” phase (but still, don’t get your hopes up for it to become a real product)
37:15 – As part of their ongoing litigation with Apple, Epic has revealed a list of scrapped Fortnite collaborations and it’s wild, to say the least
44:47 – Riot is going to start recording Valorant voice chat in an effort to combat toxicity in the game’s online play and root out problematic players
52:31 – Blizzard’s latest data show that their active monthly users have dropped by almost a third (29%) over the last three years
58:58 – Blizzard is moving to block Fox’s new “Diablo” trademark, intended for use on dinnerware, glassware, and pet food related to the network’s new animated series “HouseBroken”
1:01:33 – Mobile game Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom has gotten its first update in six years, adding Vector the Crocodile as a new playable character… even though the Sonic Boom show ended three years ago
1:03:41 – Detective Pikachu lead actor Justice Smith suggests in an interview with Inverse that “we just have to kind of bury our hopes” for a sequel to the film, though its official status either way remains fully unconfirmed
1:08:20 – An email between Phil Spencer and Tim Sweeney reveals the former hasn’t given up on trying to bring xCloud to other consoles
1:20:27 – Monolith Soft’s employee count has expanded to 272 members, with over a quarter of the staff being female
1:28:38 – Outro and where to find MVG


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23 thoughts on “Nintendo's Game Builder Garage + Detective Pikachu Sequel in Doubt? – Today's News Tonight (5/5/21)”

  1. 1:03:49 About Detective Pikachu sequel: the last time we heard about it was BEFORE the movie was released. That movie suffered from a terrible release date, because it was sandwiched between blockbusters such as Avengers Endgame and Lion King so, as a result, it ended up making less money than it was expected so a sequel isn't likely to happen. Usually, when this happens, studio executives don't outright say the movie was cancelled because that's bad PR, instead they just let years go by siletly without any news and this is what's happening with Detective Pikachu.

  2. Every company needs to be more aggressive in taking care of harassment and abuse in online games. And I don't understand one bit the complaints about privacy. You're on a public voice chat channel, what's private about that?

  3. XCloud is the next step for new generations and nobody is talking about it. The kind future it promises changes the game for Casual Gamers, you'll see more and more kids grow up without traditional consoles. More people casually gaming as often as they casually read and watch. They need that Apple Market push, but Apple isn't having it. Gamers seem too hardware driven to really grasp the kind of future mobile chipsets and cloud services can provide. More then ever anybody can game, your Smart TV can run dolphin if they made it compatible. Consoles are kinda primitive, and services like Xcloud can really expand the gaming population more than the Wii.

  4. in the apple vs epic lawsuit wasn't there also other companies talking shit about apple like Invidia and others, that's what I heard when internet today talked about it in a video


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