Not even PRO PLAYERS can beat this SINGED SUPPORT build… – League of Legends

Singed Support as seen played by GEN Lehends

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21 thoughts on “Not even PRO PLAYERS can beat this SINGED SUPPORT build… – League of Legends”

  1. I could also see this played with nimbus cloak and celerity for the speedy boi after hex flashing. EDIT: I think I personally would buy a tear and build a fimbulwinter also. Just a personal preference.

  2. remember that one player that was banned along time ago for playing singed support? he was ahead of the time with 300 iq big brain plays. and riot slapped his singed support down

  3. As a singed main who played singed in every lane(even as an adc in ranked for just a few games) and won more than once in all of them seeing singed sup on youtube and hearing that he was played in proplay makes my heart about to stop from the happiness thanks man for this video

  4. I watch a lot of the off meta support videos because playing OOP in support or jungle is so hard because the roles are too unique. But one problem I have with them is that a lot of OOP supports rely on just becoming the carry, I want to actually support. And this Singed play is AMAZING. This looked so much fun. Appearing and chucking some doofus into the middle of your team.


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