Ocean Song Seraphine, Yone, Ashe (Pool Party 2022) – League of Legends

Ocean Song Yone
Ocean Song Nidalee
Ocean Song Zeri
Ocean Song Ashe
Ocean Song Seraphine (+ Prestige Skin)


43 thoughts on “Ocean Song Seraphine, Yone, Ashe (Pool Party 2022) – League of Legends”

  1. i dont like a single one of those champs, yone is just too broken, zeri is whatever, seraphin should not get a prestige since she got a fucking ultimate skin ashe is boring as a chamb and nidalee..exists, needs a new model tho

  2. man i waited years for the pool party ashe skin. it was in the background for other pool party skins and yet they changed her outfit. It kinda saddens me but I'm still gonna get it.

  3. This is cool and all, but these champs are SUPER random. And why bother calling this line "Ocean Song" when they aren't going to pick Sona for this one? She is THE most obvious choice, and she's due for a pool party skin! Plus Seraphine is getting a Prestige skin before Sona! It's total bullshit.

    I think Yone and Nidalee are my favorites out of this one. Everyone else can go home….

  4. These skins are so underwhelming… hell I hate Yone but his effects looked the best out of all of them… ashe barely had a change in her effects, seraphine is getting a prestige skin (fuckin lame) and then theres nidalee that looked great on the splashart but came out very underwhelming. Zeri looks okay but everyone else feels forced and it shouldn’t be that way. Look at Taliyah’s pool party skin – great concept – I thought of that on her release because of her kit concept – even have a ticket from 6 years ago asking for that skin – however everything else just does not feel like pool party other than Yone and the older skins such as the taliyah one mentioned.

  5. Yone and nid are my favs, zeri without ult looks pretty bad since the yellow doesn't offset the other color tones well unfortunately (chroma probably required). Sera also looks nothing like the splash art at all so, I guess we're all jebaited by a potentially good skin that looks nothing like the splash art and still looks like sera… sigh.


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