oh? You want more "Friday night funkin discord" Series?

hey guys sorry for taking way too long to upload something-

I’m starting to feel pretty tired of making Friday night funkin discord episodes on my own

So guess what! if you want the episodes to keep going you can tell me any of your ideas in the comments for the next parts!

I’ll be appreciated if you guys help me out✨


24 thoughts on “oh? You want more "Friday night funkin discord" Series?”

  1. .. Read the description you idiots.. Anyways, basically what they were saying.. They are getting tired of making the series on their own, I've listed some stuff on what we can do to help! One! This one is most recommended, since it's what the creator wants! You list down some ideas for future episodes! Or.. If this is even possible..You can actually help create the episodes! You might wanna ask for permission though! ,💗

  2. i have an idea! what if you added sarvente and ruv to the chat? sarvente would first start singing peacefully n stuff and ruv comes in and immediately ruins the vibe (using zavodila but earrape ig lol-)
    also you do realize if these videos tire you you can always take a break from making them!! we dont want to stress you out!!

  3. Idea :so it starts off normal with lemon demon and senpai doing their thing (put whatever audio you want in here ) and then boyfriend comes in and sings gangstas paradise but unfortunately lemon demon and senpai leave immediately then the dad,girlfriend,skid and pump,tank man , Steve and pico come skid starts singing polish cow just reversed and 2x speed then pico starts saying shut up then pump does a phone ring noise and the dad and gf start crying then all the characters like Lila hatsune miki ,Sarvente and ruv along with some other new grounds ,spooky month and pico s school characters come everything goes into maddness skid or pico or bf uses a phone ringing audio then everything goes silent and then the mom and dad just sing never gonna give you up just vocoded to gangstas paradise and then suddenly lemon demon,senpai (in soul form),Ronald McDonald and tricky the clown come in along with Hank everybody starts screaming and tricky,lemon demon ,the soul and Ronald McDonald sing megolavania and Hank sings the halo theme and then Hank leaves and the video ends there that is my idea my phone is almost dead so imma stop doing this Aight bye oh and also the megalovania part is earape I’ll make more ideas in the future a bit like this


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