OMNI VS SKY | Friday Night Funkin' HARD MODE

fnf sky mod aka please dont take me to jail bro mod
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47 thoughts on “OMNI VS SKY | Friday Night Funkin' HARD MODE”

  1. Just to comment about the whole thing of Sky being a minor.

    Sky, the OC herself, is 19. Same age as BF.

    The creator of the OC, bfswifeforever, is 14 (or younger, can't remember if that's exactly that).

    Sky in the mod, is 12, which is said by the mod creator, due to mistaking the age between the actual creator and the OC.

    Honestly there's no real definitive stance that can actually be made on this now.

  2. amazing video but it just annoys me how half the community thinks sky is the minor, the CREATOR is the minor, sky is suppose to be 19 or 20 somethin (was in the description before the mod basically got deleted)

  3. The creator of the mod borrowed sky with credit. The mod creator assumed that Sky was 12, because the person that made the character was that age, when the creator of the character made it clear that Shes the same age as boyfriend, 19. Shes still a minors OC, so it’s still iffy.

    There’s also a lot of drama behind this mind, so I wasn’t expecting Omni to play it, lol

  4. For those who want to try the sky mod, it has been taken down by the mod author. Highly doubt there's a reupload out there but who knows. Also the original character it was based off of was 19, but in the mod she's 12.

  5. Summary of the Sky age controversy (based on what I can gather).

    The artist for this Sky character (who if I remember correctly is actually bfswifeforever on TikTok, don't have TikTok so I don't know this one for sure) states that Sky is 19. The person who actually made the mod using this art claimed that she is 12 in an attempt to prevent people from making LEWD fanart of her. Of course, Rule 34 is inevitable, the resulting outcry stemming from this mixed information caused what is otherwise a very solid and popular mod to be removed. And that is why we can't have nice things, because arbitrary numbers and rampant horniness.

  6. Sky isn’t a minor the character is 19 but the creator of the character aka @bfswifeforever is only 14 anyone that tries to argue just shut up and do research literally she said it herself and so did the creator of the mod


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