osu!mania / Friday Night Funkin / Funky Friday STREAM :D

SUPERCHATS / MEMBERSHIPS very appreciated, Please support the stream πŸ˜€

Song Request – $5


FNF mod request – $30 ( i play the entire mod )

Join the MANIP GANG Discord : https://discord.gg/manipgang

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RULES: 3min max song / copyright song = kick

#sillyfangirl #fnf #osumania


9 thoughts on “osu!mania / Friday Night Funkin / Funky Friday STREAM :D”

  1. Whenever silly makes an osu mania/funky friday/ fnf stream he always gets too tried playing osu mania and dosen't play the other 2. It shows how he enjoys osu more and is trapped in fnf because views.


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