OTHER ROLES Among Us w/ Skadj, Ozza, Ressnie, PJONK, Repptar, and others

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5 thoughts on “OTHER ROLES Among Us w/ Skadj, Ozza, Ressnie, PJONK, Repptar, and others”

  1. I watch you live on twitch and I love your content. I have been wanting to message you for a while now. I like you used to get headaches on the daily and bad ones. The doctors didn't know why and I tried all. Until one day, I had a bad one and my husband said breath deep into my cpap . So I tried and my headache cleared up. So I decided to go to the sleep drs. They put me on a cpap at night and I haven't a headache since. I dont know if you have tried this avenue but thought I would say what worked for mine. Especially if you wake up to them. Keep up the good content!


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