Our 1st Minecraft NETHERITE Gear?! | Half Heart Minecraft Hardcore (Episode 6)

Minecraft Hardcore Episode 6 – Today, I go for a great risk, great reward quest to get ourselves our first bit of Minecraft NETHERITE gear! We also create a rudimentary Minecraft storage room!
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Welcome to my Minecraft Hardcore Survival Let’s Play! In this challenge, I aim to get as far as I can in Minecraft Hardcore Survival with only *HALF A HEART* of health. This is going to be a huge Minecraft Hardcore challenge considering just how many ways damage can be inflicted to you in Minecraft! Will we manage to defeat the Minecraft Ender Dragon and Wither bosses in Minecraft Hardcore Survival with only half a heart? Stick around and find out!
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This is Minecraft Hardcore Episode 6 of the Minecraft Half a Heart Hardcore Challenge!
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26 thoughts on “Our 1st Minecraft NETHERITE Gear?! | Half Heart Minecraft Hardcore (Episode 6)”

  1. Apologies if my voice audio sounds a bit iffy at times. I recently downgraded to Windows 10 (since Windows 11 froze way too many times for my liking) and it meant that I had to figure out my audio settings again. The noise gate filter on my mic in this vid wasn't configured very well but it's been sorted since this recording, don't worry! Thanks for your support through this series, have an awesome day friends 😊❤

  2. Try to put azalea bushes as a sort of barrier in front of your house as mobs can’t jump over them. Plus it would be a great decoration for the front of the base. Great videos, keep up that series as long as possible.

  3. Craig, I was laughing when you edited the lava bit, and added that sound effect. It was a pro jump scare bit! But really with hardcore half a heart, scary yikes! What a fun video. Don't know who told you that level to find ancient debris on, but typically you will find more closer to bedrock, and near the gravel pockets. I'm so glad you got to make that 1st netherite piece of armor!!! Thanks for the video!!! <3 ~respect

  4. Great video mate. The lava showing up when you got jump scared got me laughing so much I was like he tempted death with the jump he did earlier wouldn't be surprised if lava got him. Quick suggestion for your Minecraft and Terraria series.
    For Minecraft both here and in the let's play but most importantly here on the hardcore series you should get golems outside of your base and probably take some to the nether.
    As for Terraria modded just a tip there's a mod called auto forge and what it does it gives you a list of prefixes and the one you pick it auto forges until you get it. Don't get me wrong it's not a cheat to immediately get the best prefix no it just saves you the time by clicking the mouse button one click and it reforges the item until it reaches your desired prefix btw every auto reforge costs the same amount of gold as it would if you manually reforged the item. Have a nice day

  5. Copper as a building block is just so great for roofs! Trust me, I’ve used Copper with Spruce and Stone bricks, and the builds just turn out great, and Medieval like! Also, it can be used with Quartz to have a futuristic look, it’s so great for building (and also lightning rods, they do are a lifesaver, it saved my builds from burning up bcz of lightning).

    Yeah, Copper is practically useless, but fir building, it’s great! Anyways, you’re doing pretty good for half a heart! I would’ve just died from something silly, like fall from 4 blocks! Hope so that you reach to The End in this series! Good Luck!

  6. Awesome episode! Congratulations on surviving that skelly shot last episode, that was amazing! Nice getting even more protection, can’t believe they where both sets of 2 Ancient Debris! Keep up the fantastic work! Have a great day! See you later!

  7. Where did you get the half a heart of health modpack. The website. I love you and have been a fan of you and the channel for years, keep up the good work, love everything thing you do. You are the reason I still watch Minecraft today. I am WiredHarley and your biggest fan. Love you


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