Our FIRST Look at the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Cover!

In Today’s Video We quickly talk about the leaked image of the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation cover art and why it actually tells us a LOT about where the lore in this comic will be headed, from The Batman Who Laughs to the Foundation.

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37 thoughts on “Our FIRST Look at the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Cover!”

  1. The comic will just be batman trying to kiss cat woman, while this happens, batman who laughs will be like, hey… foundation, you know the version of me that’s not creepy, go fight him, and the last page will be them about to fight, but not fighting

  2. Superman got yoinked and Batman went in to get him. When in he survives a season change and encounters foundation who mistakes Batman for the Batman who laughs. That’s my guess

  3. Can't wait for the batman who laughs to come out
    Is the Gravewalker Drift only for PC bundle or do I have to go to online store to get the bundle can I put online store cuz someone might think that I have to go to a real store


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