Outriders 10 TIPS & TRICKS You Need To Know! Outriders Demo Guide

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Outriders Tips & Tricks You need To Know for Demo and Full Game! Helps for Legendary Farming, Mods and Builds. Legendary Map Icons, Skill Targeting and Loot Identify included!


4 thoughts on “Outriders 10 TIPS & TRICKS You Need To Know! Outriders Demo Guide”

  1. Hey not bad I knew everyone but 6. One that I would add to the list is that when you auto loot something while your inventory is full it says it goes to stash I believe. IDK HOW THAT WORKS IN THE BETA. So please don’t rely on it but in the full game it should work that way

  2. Thanks pwn! I have noticed that when inventory is full for guns or a specific Armor set then any auto looted items will say they are sent to stash. Furthermore it seems once the stash is full it just auto disassembled the item when I pushed H/Down. Just a heads up on that


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