Outriders-200 OG CAPTAIN KILLS WORLD TIER 15 -Outriders Farm Test| Outriders Legendary Farm Results

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The best way to farm legendary gear and weapons in outriders.

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But the way Outriders works, there actually is a point to farming for gear right now, legendary gear especially. The way Outriders has its mod system set up, you can get a low level legendary, and while that weapon will no doubt be outclassed in terms of its stats as you get more powerful, you can actually dismantle it later and the mods its contains will be valuable for future legendary drops, as you can socket them in later. Even if the gun becomes useless, its mods won’t be, so there actually is a reason to be farming now to prepare for the full game launch, although drop rates for legendaries are very low due to a cap on world tiers, and the rates may have been lowered in general for the demo to prevent over­-farming. But legendaries do exist, and so do their good mods
Outriders-200 CAPTAIN KILLS WORLD TIER 15 – Outriders Best Farm | Outriders Legendary Farm Results

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