Outriders – All Expeditions Challenge Tier 15 Gold (Solo Pyromancer Ability Build)

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Outriders – All CT15 Expeditions Gold Score Completion Gameplay on Challenge Tier 15 (Pyromancer Endgame Skills Build) / Solo Endgame Pyromancer Build & Every Expedition Completed. Just a compilation video showing all of the expeditions in the game being done solo CT15 while getting the gold times on an Anomaly Pyromancer. Details below.

00:00 – Archways of Enoch
13:36 – Boom Town
21:56 – Chem Plant
33:41 – Colosseum
47:28 – Frontline
59:14 – Heart of the Wild
1:15:41 – Marshland Caverns
1:29:00 – Mountain Outpost
1:43:51 – Paxian Homestead
1:58:29 – Scorched Lands
2:15:02 – Stargrave
2:26:59 – The Drought Palace
2:39:40 – Timeworn Spire

Eye of the Storm: Currently impossible to do gold solo due to how long it takes to capture each area. If it ever changes I’ll go back and redo it.

Happy to finally knock all of these out. It’s a shame about Eye of the Storm, but the rest were fun to do. Bullet builds will obviously be a lot faster, and even after doing all of these I was still missing some mods to make it go faster. But the build is my own and I’m glad I could get through them all on gold times. Marshland Caverns and Boom Town ended up being the hardest of the lot, the rest were fairly straight forward though. Over time I’ll probably do the same as this on other classes, but I’ll just post one big compilation video for each.

BUILD INFORMATION (all shown at the end of the video):
For weapons the only thing that matters if Life Leech and having two perks that deal damage. You can swap weapons to get extra damage from both. Weapon archetype won’t matter as the weapon damage will come from those two perks.

Gear-wise, basically focus everything that has Anomaly and Cooldown Reduction. A couple of Skills Life Leech will help you survive, otherwise Close Range Damage is nice. You want extra Thermal Bomb & extra Eruption mods. Ice Trap T2 mod is amazing for survivability, as with this build you’ll have enemies around you constantly and that will save you most of the time. Branded T3 mod and Captain Hunter T3 mod will make up for the lack of single target damage with this build. You can run without (as I did for most of the way up to CT15), but the elites will take longer obviously.

Outside of that you want to focus on mods increasing Eruption damage and radius. This will let you clear out most enemies in groups, and the extra radius definitely feels noticeable. The Thermal Bomb perk that creates burning on the ground is also very nice, meaning you’ll have more add clear for enemies that run in, or when you’re surrounded by 10 or so.

Playstyle is basically what you see in the video. Push everything and spam abilities as often as you can. You can play a lot more aggressively when you have the Phoenix Nestling class ability up. When you have smaller enemies around, try to hit two of them with Thermal Bombs so you get more damage from those explosions. For single target, two Thermal Bombs for the 80 percent buff and double Eruption right after. Overheat should be used very often too. It’ll mark all the enemies, but the main benefit is that it’s an interrupt and will stagger enemies briefly. Helps a lot when trying to survive or keep enemies in place for your Explosive Skills.

Still missing the Etna mod which would be huge for this build (a third Eruption charge). Otherwise I think this works pretty well overall.

Legendary set bonuses seem nearly useless in this game (or at least for anomaly builds), as it looks like each of the legendary pieces have specific stats on them. When you have to give up ~14k Anomaly Power and loads of cooldown reduction to make them work (as some roll with stupid stats like Max Health), they just don’t seem worth it over properly rolled legendaries. Maybe a future patch will change it so legendaries can have proper stats on them. Another thing that would make anomaly builds more viable is letting the cooldown trigger on the first cast of abilities that have multiple casts. Right now you have to use all of your charges of an ability before the cooldown starts, but if it started after the first cast it would make uptime a little better.

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, RTX 2080 Super GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 8TB HDD


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30 thoughts on “Outriders – All Expeditions Challenge Tier 15 Gold (Solo Pyromancer Ability Build)”

  1. At the beginning of watching the whole thing while I play, sorry if you've been asked this before but when/do you plan on raising another class and making videos with them? I started as devastator and can do T12's easily but it definitely seems harder to get off the ground than the other classes with the trickster and techno's weapon buffs and the spells of pyro. I know it's alot more armor dependent but I have been very tempted to swap to pyromancer for the time being mostly for personal preference.

  2. I wish they would fix the fact your bullets do not go through dead enemies until they despawn (broken af) and if running with a devastator and he puts them on a stick the game won't advance until animation despawns… costing way more time even though the enemy is dead.. can only be on the stick if dead… please outriders fix your game!! Sniper shots go exactly where you aim it I love this but every other gun just wiffs shots left and right when enemy in 3 ft in front of you… whoever is head of the small details needs fired bc they are not paying attention at all… all that demo time and this isn't fixed and is some of the biggest problems

  3. I'm struggling on my pyro I missing the elite hunter and the mod that makes animes take more damage from thermal bombs its rough seeing my buddies trickster do 100million and I'm barley at 30

  4. How many runs did it take for you to clear the harder ones? I imagine it takes a lot of optimizations. I have a similar build, but using Acari Head, Chest and Pants with Heatwave instead of Overheat. I have Etna, but not Branded. Struggling to get gold a lot of the times.

  5. Shoot I can't get past t11 lmao , but funny thing is he beasts through everything but never says anything as far as I'm aware of his build on this game or destiny 2 lol hey guess some peeps like to be private

  6. just finished this build with a little variation

    golem, rejuvination, tier 3 eruption more damage mod, instead of thermal ash and thermal dot and freeze mod…also used scrap grenade since i dint have meteor…can clear ct15 gold

  7. Esoterickk, Heat Wave builds actually stack twice. Even if you have 3 uses of Heat Wave, you get capped at 50% extra damage so I wouldn't say all of the sets are terrible. I believe Acari can do good work with its bonus. I believe 3 of them come with bonus AP instead of the Max HP bonus.

  8. I am currently recording outriders side missions on my channel every day and i find them really fun, but kinda repetitive. If anyone wants to check them out go check them on my channel 🙏


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