Outriders Best Mods You Really Need To Get (Outriders Tips And Tricks)

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Outriders best mods with more outriders tips and tricks
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36 thoughts on “Outriders Best Mods You Really Need To Get (Outriders Tips And Tricks)”

  1. My favorite mod is the one where when you get a kill while aiming down sights it increases your armor by like 10k per kill and stacks 3 times,also love one where when you drop below 30% hp golem is activated,another good skill is whenever you get a kill golem is activated,I’m literally immortal on my trickster with a blighted rounds and fixing waves

  2. My favorite perk is the Tier 3 “Embalmers Embrace” it comes from the High Roller shotgun and does the following “on killing shots for 5 seconds body shots count as critical shots”

  3. 5:30 I think Clip Roller is a bad mod if you're going for an Anomaly Ammo build (e.g. Toxic Rounds with Techomancer). It will cause you to reload out of the Anomaly Ammo whereas mods that REPLENSH ammo will give you essentially an infinite amount as long as you land killing blows.

  4. Perpetuum mobile mod + Twisted rounds skill – if ammo replenishes , twisted round skill will be active right? If that yes then damage done will be insane everytime 👍🏻

  5. This is all well and good , but not everyone is guaranteed the same mods you got or even any good mods , it's up to RNG , for the single player without good mods this game is totally unbalanced, by having the same number of NPCS weather you in a group or solo.

  6. My game seems to be buged on the escort mission. I clear the area of enemies but it doesn't give the option to continue the quest to the next checkpoint. Anyone has any tips for me.


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