Outriders Build Guide: Beginner Trickster Build (Twisted Hunter)

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Outriders Build Guide: Beginner Trickster Build (Twisted Hunter)
In this Outriders Build Guide I’m going to be showing you my Twisted Hunter Build, which is a Beginner Trickster Build meant for close range combat. In this Guide I’ll be showing you what Skills to use, what Class Points to take, and what Weapons and Armor to look out for. If you’ve been struggling to keep your Trickster alive, or if you just want some insight into how to play this Class, read on to find out.

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Twisted Hunter Build: https://fextralife.com/outriders-build-guide-beginner-trickster-build-twisted-hunter/
Outriders Wiki: https://outriders.wiki.fextralife.com/Outriders+Wiki
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0:00 – Twisted Hunter Build
0:16 – Beginner Trickster Build
1:22 – Twisted Hunter Skills
3:16 – Twisted Hunter Class Points
4:32 – Twisted Hunter Weapons & Mods
6:08 – Twisted Hunter Armor & Mods
7:23 – Final Tips

The way the Twisted Hunter Build works is that it uses Twisted Rounds to buff damage with each shot fired. In many cases this is double or more damage, depending on your Anomaly Power, but the key is maintaining this buff all through out combat…or as much as possible anyway.

This is accomplished by using the Weapon Mod Perpetuum Mobile, which is arguably one of the best Mods in the game. This Mod reloads your Weapon for you instantly if you kill an enemy with 35% or less of your ammo left in your magazine. This is very easy to do, especially with a Shotgun, which is the preferred weapon type for this Build. You should be able to kill all but Captains with one shot eventually, and two at the very most.

Because it takes some times a full magazine of ammo or more to finish off a Captain, you generally want to move from target to target thinning out the trash enemies first. This will allow you to keep up Twisted Rounds the whole time, and you can and should avoid the Captain of the area by using Hunt the Prey, which is also good at gap closing to enemies that are dug in far away.

There is never any real need to stop moving with this Build, and generally the only time you need to cover is when you messed up with Twisted Rounds, or if your Hunt the Prey is on cooldown and your targets are very far away. Otherwise, just sprint as fast as you can and hipfire everything in one shot, using Hunt the Prey as needed.

Remember that Tricksters heal from killing enemies at close-range so you want to avoid shooting enemies that are far away if you can. That’s not to say you should never do that, but ideally you’d kill enemies close enough to get some healing. However, this is less of a problem if you have a Mod on your Shotgun that heals you when you kill enemies.

Avoid Mods or Class nodes that reward Reloading as you will be trying to do this as little as possible with this Build. The idea is that you never have to Reload and therefor never lose your Twisted Rounds buff. You will still have to Reload now and then, but you certainly don’t want to plan for it.

Learn to hip-fire while sprinting since it’s much faster than stopping to aim at every enemy, and you need to kill quickly in order to stay alive. If you’ve played Gears of War at all, then you should be familiar with this, as the Shotgun behaves nearly identical to those games.

Lastly, make sure to keep using better and better Shotguns as you find them. You need to keep your damage high in order to play this Build, and its far easier to Mod a new Shotgun with Perpetuum Mobile than it is to keep upgrading your current Shotgun. So look out for new Shotguns that have high DMG, and not DPS, and equip and Mod them every chance you get.

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