Outriders | CT15 GOLD Devastator build, NO LEGENDARY ARMOUR!!

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This build is not too difficult to drum up, and can definitely get you gold on CT 15 or help you rise through the expedition tiers! Devastator is a very difficult class compared to the others but hopefully this video breaks down information so that you can adjust your own build!

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Class Tree
07:14 Skill Choice
09:07 Mods and Equipment
18:30 Gameplay


5 thoughts on “Outriders | CT15 GOLD Devastator build, NO LEGENDARY ARMOUR!!”

  1. Yesterday me and a friend was carrying a dev friend in a ct15 gold scorched same as this and that’s the first time I’ve seen impale hold the boss we almost failed the gold. I thought the game bugged out but he was having a panic attack. I was like chill out man no biggie just never do that again lol

  2. Boy this is boring af… I really liked the Deva at the start but this shows again that the game just lacks everything. 90% of skills all over the classes need an otherworldly buff.

    Ppl always say that this game is Anthem 2.0 but i think Anthem was mostly better than this. The wasted opportunity with this game is just huge and i highly doubt that this game will be good… ever… sadly

  3. Idk what level your pistol is but your health scales off the average of your gear so if you don't have a lvl 50 pistol you're missing out on a lot of health you could have

  4. Dont forget, with a build like this, farm Archways whenever its up. It has a long timer to gold, but is a short map and if you're aggressively attacking the spawns during the obelisk phase you can gold that bad boy every time.
    Cheers on the video. I've never seen a Devastator kite like this. Usually I see Devs just attack.
    There are a lot of players who need to see things like this to know they can succeed without legendary gear.
    FYI your Impales will hit the birds too.


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