Outriders Delayed 2021

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Hello this is idodmg and welcome back to the channel. In this @Outriders videos I want to talk about the delay announcement. I have been over the top hyped for this game, and while this news is sad. At the end of the day I am willing to keep waiting if it means a more polished product upon release. I hope you enjoy this short and sweet video!

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10 thoughts on “Outriders Delayed 2021”

  1. Not surprised one bit. After Cyberpunk I've changed my thinking on delays, I was super upset when Cyberpunk kept getting delayed but it's obvious now that was for a reason. So I'm ok with Outriders being delayed. Just keep your hype in check and it'll release when it's ready.

  2. Seriously what is wrong with all these 'developers', not a single grown up there? Nobody can plan a game release ? You not sure, don't give a release date, delay a month before release, the devs of KoH2 did the same BS then banned those who complained on steam…disgusting

  3. Trust me I've been waiting for outriders the most and as sad as I am…I look at it like this: "we are still getting OUTRIDERS next month (be it end of February instead of beginning) and we get to port all our charecters into the full game. Think of it as not a delay but a HEAD START on the game so when April comes we can pick up where we left off or even do the harder activities sooner than later in the game


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