Outriders HIDDEN MECHANIC Makes the Game MUCH EASIER! | Outriders Tips & Tricks

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Outriders HIDDEN MECHANIC Makes the Game MUCH EASIER! | Outriders Tips & Tricks

Welcome back to Outriders. In this video we are taking a look at something that I don’t think was supposed to be hidden but has ended up being a hidden mechanic because it’s something you wouldn’t often check. Don’t forget to level up your gear and let me know in the comments if this one helped you out. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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29 thoughts on “Outriders HIDDEN MECHANIC Makes the Game MUCH EASIER! | Outriders Tips & Tricks”

  1. Makes Sense, keeping gear on max lvl to get the most survival/damage, but it shows as well how not so balanced is the lvl mechanics on the game… I.e high wt/ct gear on lower wt/ct… The scaling isnt good, and you cant just shred mobs for fun.

  2. Why are people still making videos about this game? People are literally not playing this game because even though we are getting a patch it's in the testing phase you still can't take their word for it the demo. Just like what I'm going to do even after the Patch is downloaded or whatever I'm not going to play the game until at least a week or so to make sure that this patch doesn't create a new issue..
    I mean seriously they are just telling us now that they don't have dedicated servers.. what else are they f**** hiding??? Even yesterday you said at this bug can cause account wipes…

  3. Oh I have for my Trickster I was getting beaten down by these enemies playing solo is just the worst, my pyromancer must have died over 10 times rescuing zaheed scaling down to enemies for solo would be very good.

  4. Thanks for the video. I left my sidearm at 42 since I don't use it at all, while all my other stuff was at 49. I gained more then 2k health by just equiping a blue pistol.

  5. Idk if this is something different, but sometimes it feels like I am just cutting through enemies and other times they feel more spongy than normal. Today I tried a different mod combo on a different AR and I was super impressed with how fast I was going through enemies on WT15. Then I came to realize I had never switched to the new AR. Lol I was using the same one as always. Idk what would cause that or maybe I’m just crazy.

  6. It’s same on destiny but you can’t see it. The higher light the more damage you can take and give out but on this game it improves your character you can see it.

  7. Incoming Health NERF! The official statement will be: We've observed that our casual player base has figured out that on lvl items increase health. The main prob with this is that such health increases may actually allow completion of Expeditions. With this health adjustment we want to eliminate this exploit. To achieve this we've made adjustments to the amount of health received for each on lvl item from 15% to 1.5%. We believe making Expeditions ridiculously difficult leads to a more interesting and frustrating endgame.

  8. I noticed this a few days ago. Affects the damage you deal, too, regardless of firepower. Another facet of the game that is nonsensical. The level of the gear is more important than all of your gear’s stats. Blues can be ‘stronger’ than Epics and Legendaries in terms of overall character strength.

  9. It dosnt matter when you raise your avg items level so dose the enemy I was running CT12 with avg items level of 44 and it was easy now I'm running it with avg items level of 48 and it's a lot harder

  10. There’s a lot of hidden mechanics in the game. Say you’ve reach CT15 and you’ve got all level 50 gear. Now you want to speed farm say like ct10 but you your damage get scaled down and it still feels slow. You’d think with all max level gear you can just speed run a lower but they added a stupid scaling system. It’s also the same if a lower level friend joins or you join your damage is scaled down to much their level. It’s just a PvE game but they added so much stupid stuff and nerfed some skills.


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