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Have seen a lot of comments recently asking about my build and what weapons I use etc, so thought I would just make a video on everything for you guys to see! And hopefully it helps some of you who play technomancer if you are struggling with the higher challenge tiers.

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00:00 Start
01:05 Skills
01:59 Talent Tree
05:14 Weapons
06:24 Helmet
07:25 Chestpiece
08:03 Leg Armour
08:56 Gloves
09:21 Boots
09:48 Mod Rerolls
10:08 Outro
10:35 CT15 Gameplay

As always thanks for watching, really hope it helped you out and that you enjoyed it! 😁 Be sure to join our discord community to find other people to play with / help you out!

1. Epidemic Sounds – Ganja – Ooyy

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  1. This is a very very solid viable and semi easy to acquire build. (It will take a bit of time to farm the right armour pieces) I don’t have the legendary helmet. Although I have all firepower/close and long range. Toxic lead is a must. I also don’t have the 25% more damage to elites. It is a very solid build Ranx. Like I said am missing a few mods (loads lol) but it’s their and it’s letting me solo CT’s on my own. I hit CT 14 last night, So just one more and I will be set. You could consider looking into that build with firepower/status and long range as a option. As we mainly kill from mid to longe range and the status will benefit toxic rounds. Just a thought let me know what you think. Great vid.. honestly guys this build is practically what I use, although I main Pyro. I highly recommend it ✌🏻

  2. Soooo not sure if anyone’s covered this, but if you go to the lobby and reload into the game and go to change your mods every few reloads the game will bug up a little bit and will swap what mod was actually changed last to the other mod.

    This can lead to double tier 3 mods on weapons or armor or changing duplicate mods that you are running on chest/gloves.

  3. I know nobody will care but I just made a new character this evening. I made a pyro he is lvl 26. Gear score 690-695. Anyway I just soloed a exhibition with no build, no volcanic rounds using pistols. It took 41 minutes to do and I got 1 drop pod resource 😂. It was hard but very fun 💪🏻😂

  4. I feel they need to patch this kind of builds. CT15 builds should have more legendaries. What's the point of getting a 3 piece armor set if epics get the job done. Just my opinion.

  5. To have permanent emergency stance, make sure you have the mod on and you’re not In combat, go to an explosive, blow it up, there’s you’re emergency stance permanently until you die or turn the game off. It transfers from lobby to lobby. You can also switch gear and keep the emergency stance on even after changing armors. Like I said before it only wears off when you die or turn the game off.

  6. I am we don’t get healing from killing anything we get healing from anything we damage anywhere long ran short range doesn’t matter we get healing from anything we’re doing damage to anything or skills are doing damage to any time anything is taking damage on a tech romancer you get healing from it OK all the clothes rainz long-range thing is about doing more damage necromancer get a 15% boost to long-range targets anything we are doing damage to our long-range takes more damage so creating A larger area of long-range targets gives us more damage but I can’t hear shit to do with healing

  7. You and everybody else keeps saying that about the glass cannon thing but you are only ever at long-range when you’re fighting humanoids when you’re fighting mobsters you’re getting rushed and even if you are the best of players you’re going to get rushed you can’t help it you’re going to get surround if you want to get mobbed it happens sometimes. Pretending like you should everything a long range which is also the reason why you should not ignore close range damage Buffs the more the better because when you are getting mobbed and you drop that darn cold snap on the ground and you wanna clear that shit quickly you better have some Marcin reactions going on and some massive close range damage

  8. Which brings your long range damage Boost a Alger a 15100 Wright boost plus the 30% boost and those other two node’s have decreased the range something can be at before you lose that boost so I can be 6 m closer to you and you’re still getting the boo steps does your dogs did they didn’t have anything to do with your healing ability which doesn’t even require Raquel that’s the beauty of the techno Manser

  9. You’re bloated dirt also hill for shit out of you turn the clocks situation where you took a bunch of damage or throw a blade it turned out a split second later soon as the target something you get all your health back and you don’t even have to have you know like any healing received any that ship the blade and turn it just does a fair amount of damage quickly and your healing your health comes back quickly

  10. if your not having trouble staying alive, you could melt faster. swap cold snap for scrapnel, take off that horrible anomoly node near the top, and put on cannonade which increases weapon damage for you and allies by 30%. Im honestly not sure anomaly power helps blighted rounds, regardless your stacking firepower and damage, not anomaly power so its kinda a waste imo. swapping as i mentioned clears ct15s gold easy as pie as well.

  11. Gabriel dude are you on PC reason I ask is you have vase several mom might sound it relate to Chronicles and get all I cancel that’s not always possible to hit Chronicles personally I’m waiting patiently for embalmers rain so I can go all in on critical‘s but I don’t have it yet

  12. Me: First time player creating my first character. "Looks like technomancer can be a glass cannon" before this patch. Hehehe silly devs playing right into my hands (small time player of this game, just know where to look for potential broke builds. There is another class on my radar)

  13. It is a really good high damage build, however just knowing this makes me really sad I "can't" spec into other builds just to be effective on high CT. A sniper build is just a weaker version of this and you walk too slow with a Minigun in your hand. I'm on CT 9 atm using this build and knowing I won't be using any other build for the rest of the game is just… :-/

  14. tysm for this video. i have a level 15 techno and this is EXACTLY the straight forward, fact filled video i needed. i really look forward to future content. Keep it up!!!!!

  15. Alternatively to the hat, go for the borealis monarch set. The boots roll sharp eye as well. Plus the chest has a perk that makes frozen explode doing 200k damage to 5meters with no cooldown. The set gives cold snap cooldown and a 90% crit boost to you and party.

  16. I'm struggling with my build so any advice. I have the same on the skill tree as you, I'm only exhibition tier 10 so don't have any amazing tier 3 mods as I've had no luck. I put the 40% ammo back from toxic and tier 1 blighted rounds mod 30% ammo back, I then added the vampire mag as my gun has bleed 2 but it's like they all cancel each other out so I still run out of ammo really quickly and I am struggling with the tiers now tier 10 is a nightmare because all my gear is 43 and lvl is 46! Because I had to keep upgrading all my gear because my drops have been utter shite I have had the same gun ect since lvl 37 ( only change 1 mod makes it impossible unless you get lucky).


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