Outriders: THE BIG UPDATE! – Safe To Play Now? – INVENTORY WIPE BUG FIXED – Patch / Update Details

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Latest Outriders Patch Claims To Fix Inventory Wipe Bug.
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Submit inventory wipes here – https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/mrgs12/outriders_inventory_wipe_prevention_patch_out_now/gum2pko/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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24 thoughts on “Outriders: THE BIG UPDATE! – Safe To Play Now? – INVENTORY WIPE BUG FIXED – Patch / Update Details”

  1. Wow 8.43 GB update. I hope this fixes it granted I havent been affected atleast I dont think I have. I hope all of the people who got affected are able to get their stuff back.

  2. ok,that's great, they're fixing the problem, but, where's my APPRECIATION PACKAGE?
    I pre-ordered, didn't request refund due to loving the game,but let's reward the true followers !

  3. Geeze, that big on Xbox? PS5 was 687 megabytes for today's new patch. That is crazy you guys have to DL that much and your patches are always bigger then PS4/PS5. Hopefully MS finds a new way to improve packaging sizes so you guys can get back to gaming asap without larger file sizes to DL.

  4. If you're seeing this post let me know how I can get a message to the devs or post something on their page or whatever to see that they need to make our gloves have two weapon slots or if it's a blue a one weapon slot this would be amazing


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