OUTRIDERS | Things Starting To Turn For The Better + Everyone Gets GOD ROLLED Legendary Items!

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OUTRIDERS | Things Starting To Turn For The Better + Everyone Gets GOD ROLLED Legendary Items!
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48 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS | Things Starting To Turn For The Better + Everyone Gets GOD ROLLED Legendary Items!”

  1. Got nothing. Armour is broken still. Just got killed yet again with one shot from a sniper in level 3 expedition. Enjoyed this game upto the end game but for me I just can't progress anymore since the last patch. I'm beginning to think it's time to move on like thousands before me to something new. Good luck though to everyone who has had their fix and are still enjoying it.

  2. I got get this…3 godrolled anemois.
    Don't know why.
    Don't know how.
    No deathsield tho.
    Even though I had scrapped my other one for the mod.
    I also got an 11.3 helmet.
    The helmet was a leg of course the one that's like a hat you wear for the sun

  3. is it just me or sounds like its messing up the game more handing people items wow so let me get this right that's how they fix stuff is handing out stuff not a way to run a game

  4. I'm happy for those that got good legos but for those like me that got complete garbage , I think we'd rather have gotten nothing than to be even more disappointed.

  5. i got a god roll death sheild with alot of other god weapons and armour and i didnt loose anything apart from in the demo wipe bug i didnt get back so im pleased.

  6. What i hate most at this time is that a bug shows ALL items in your inventory as "recently looted"…. didn't even notice the items, i found 1 funeral Pyre but nothing else was noticeable. So not sure…

  7. I can't see the problem in people moaning about there items they lost its the major problems with crashes sign in they need to sort out if people can't sign in they go and play something else

  8. Well I've deconstruct pretty much all legendary items I got and I checked all 4 of my characters which are all max level and I haven't seen anything no legendary items or anything so not everyone gets anything

  9. Just logged in and got five 99.4k firepower Inferno seeds and and a bunch of legendary gear and I didn't lose anything. And did they change the Borealis Monarch set? It now says 90% increased damage against frozen enemies 😲

  10. I got 5 more of the one good shotgun I have. And 4 or 5 of the same double gun. So their analytics are for shit. A bit like the game. It seems broken. I've level 50 gear but can't solo low CT. So I can't solo CT14 and I can still get one shot at CT10. And the mp is shit. Crashes left and right. And no decent LFG tool. They should have spent less time on the story and more getting the endgame repeatable stuff sorted.


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