Outriders Tips: Why Raising Your World Tier is a Mistake

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Raising your world tier too early is going to make the came crushingly difficult for almost no benefit in outriders. Wait until you max out before you start raising it too fast!
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44 thoughts on “Outriders Tips: Why Raising Your World Tier is a Mistake”

  1. Yep. I have been saying and doing this too. Higher World Tiers just aren't worth it until you max out your level. It's kinda like Diablo 3. You first hit max level playing on NORMAL and THEN bump up the tiers as you get better gear.

  2. My plan was to use guns for damage since playing the Demo, happy to hear it's actually a smart choice. One problem is they don't seem to work randomly, can't ADS or shoot for 2-5 secs sometimes. Not trying to rant just curious if anyone else has had this problem.

  3. If you want to go the easiest route, sure this will help you do that. If you want a actual challenge and get use to your character and work on builds in tough situations, let it go on its own.

  4. I get it, but it costs absolutely nothing to remod your gear, currently level 21 and tearing up world tier 10, almost world tier 11, it's a challenge but I love the challenge, and it doesn't take ages to kill the enemies. Keep the mods you want on your gear and when you get better gear, stick those mods back on the new gear, 200 iron for a mod is nothing compared to getting 500 from a harvest node 👍 looking forward to getting world tier 11 or 12 before 30 😁😁😁

  5. It's worth noting though that group play scales the difficulty too so you compound the level difference exponentially so higher world tiers are actually easier in solo play

  6. But that wouldnt be the same? If im lvl 50 in world tier 7 the enemies would be +4 so 54 and my gear its gonna be cap ~50 i would advance to world tier 8, 9, 10 etc with no increase in my gear and the enemy WOULD increase theirs.
    Hope u can aswer. Thx

  7. Wait so are you saying to drop it down to world tier 1 and just enjoy the game, beat it, grind to level 40-50, then put it back to high world tier?

  8. As someone who has always played games on the hardest difficulties I found the world tier system to be quite fun. I enjoy testing my builds against the cracked out enemies to see how well I can hold my own against them.

  9. My good man, you have earned this sub and also my deepest gratitude, me and my buddy were trying world tier 7 and getting bent over 6 ways to sunday trying to clear the game. You are a true hero to Outriders everywhere. Much love

  10. I don’t agree at all. I’m at the highest tier I can go atm the moment (tier 10) and am really enjoying leveling up gear and skills and I’m doing well. Just get good.

  11. I've been wondering about this so thank you Mtashed with the knowledge. There have been others that say craft every step of the way but now I definitely feel that's a waste of materials.

  12. Thank you SO MUCH!! This was a great and necessary video! I want to maximize the fun of going through the campaign. I noticed going up one level and one world tier almost made my gear obsolete and I'm only on world tier 7! Maybe I'll just stick to where I am and get to level 30. Now my question is do I wait till I finish the game to do the hunts or do the hunts as part of the playthrough and revisit them later to farm?


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